Georgia Officials Caught Handing Over Ballots to Far Left Groups Linked to Hillary Clinton to Ballot Harvest for Joe Biden

Perhaps President Trump’s greatest accomplishment of many was to beat Hillary in the 2016 election and then live in her head free of rent for years.

The state of Georgia is a solid red state and has been for years.  This year far left non-for-profits linked to Hillary Clinton and others are involved in stealing Georgia and other swing states for the Democrats.

Her inability to accept the fact that President Trump beat her in 2016 is unending.

We already know that Hillary was behind the Trump-Russia collusion lie.  This is now confirmed:

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So it is no stretch of the imagination that Hillary and others were behind the operation in swing states in the 2020 election to steal votes for the Democrat Party.

The operation in Georgia and in other swing states is, without question, a two-offed Hillary Clinton operation, starting with Huma Abedin (and other powerful Democrats) serving on the board of Hillary’s 501(c)(4) NFP “Onward Together,”.

Of course, it’s was reported in that Onward Together was funded by George Soros:

What’s worse, it appears like her group is unsurprisingly being supported by far-left billionaire George Soros. Color of Change will reportedly be partnering with Clinton’s group. Thanks to that, Soros can now give millions to Clinton without having to disclose it, making the risk for unethical conduct high.

This operation is run out of corrupt New York State. Initially, this non profit was founded in Washington, D.C. It was moved to New York at some point. It’s home is in the US DOJ SDNY, which will never prosecute this nonprofit, the same as the New York AG will never touch it. This particular nonprofit can get away with whatever it wants, it has the best cover,  the corrupt New York state legal system and the Clinton name – total protection.

Onward Together has not filed IRS tax forms for two years.

Onward Together in turn sponsors “Swing Left,” another far-left “non for profit” engaged in everything far left.

This organization was created shortly after the election of 2016:

Swingleft in turn sponsors the “Georgia Democrat Party’s Ballot Rescue Team” which is behind the apparent criminal acts occurring in Georgia this past week.

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On top of this it appears the Georgia Democrats’ State Board of Elections (and potentially the Georgia Secretary of State) have to be in on this. They provided actual ballots to this Democratic operation. Each ballot is a legal document! Yet, the Board of Elections (BOE) executive branch officials of Georgia apparently saw fit to hand over actual legal ballots to Democratic volunteers and operatives in this “Georgia Ballot Rescue Team” operation – so they could be “cured,” that is fixed for counting.

When the Georgia BOE handed over ballots to Democratic volunteers, they utterly destroyed the “chain of custody” of these ballots.

They have been, technically, spoiled and and should not be counted. But instead of not counting them the Georgia BOE is participating in destroying the “chain of custody” of each and every ballot and making sure they get “fixed.” GA BOE officials just handed them over to these Democrat volunteers!!

Destroying “chain of custody of a ballot”: this is a “primal sin” in the election integrity world.

State officials in Georgia participated in a Democratic operation to “fix” ballots three days AFTER the election was over!

Breitbart reported on this and that those participating in the fix were directed not to deal with Republican ballots. Were Republican ballots given to these Democratic volunteers by the Georgia election officials only to be thrown out? Or “fixed”?

This sinister and criminal effort to steal the election is not occurring only in Georgia.  Swingleft has well-funded operations in ALL the states in play right now. EVERY state which has election fraud going on has a well-managed team of Swingleft volunteers.

Overall this is yet another example of the Democrat-progressives stealing the nonprofit corporate platform for their evil, secret, partisan political hit jobs. This time they reached for the sky: steal the Presidency of the United States (AND the U.S. Senate… …and as many state houses as they could.

Nonprofits are THE PERFECT VENUE under which to do these dirty deeds.

The Democratic-progressive left led efforts to perform a coup in the United States and deprive President Trump of his rightful presidency.

Corrupt non profits are participating in illegal acts to steal the 2020 election from President Trump and ALL of the Trump voters in our United States.

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