WATCH: Volunteer in Michigan Claims She Found Box Full of 500 Ballots From People Not on Voter Rolls

A woman claiming to be an election volunteer in Michigan says that she discovered a box of 500 ballots from people who were not on the voter rolls.

The woman claims to have brought up her concerns about the irregularities with the “head guy.”

“They don’t show up on any list. So I just grabbed one box, that’s 500 names of people that are not registered and are not on the supplement list,” she explains.

She explains that she had been in there all day and was just now leaving.

“I’ve been in there all day, I just left,” she said.

A person outside asks why they won’t let anyone in to view what is happening.

“It’s at capacity,” she says. “They said it’s at capacity. In the morning you could just walk right in. So I trained and walked right in.”


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