Joe Biden Campaign Seeking Volunteers in Georgia to ‘Go Door to Door Helping Voters Fix Their Mail in Ballots’ AFTER ELECTION DAY

Barack Obama’s former speech writer has tweeted that the Biden campaign is seeking volunteers in Georgia to “go door to door helping voters fix their mail in ballots so they count,” the day after the election.

David Litt, author of Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years and Democracy In One Book or Less, tweeted out the call to action on Wednesday, at 5:32 p.m. EST.

The link in the tweet took people to a campaign mobilization sign up page.

“Attention everyone in or near Georgia: We need YOUR help today! This race is not over and we need every single vote to be counted. It is all hands on deck and all eyes on Georgia! Join us today for a virtual training to learn how to knock doors to help voters cure their ballots. We need you in this fight with us today and tomorrow and Friday. We’ve come so far, this is how we bring it home. See you in the virtual training room and out knocking doors soon!”

The Gateway Pundit has signed up for the remaining two virtual meetings to attempt to find out more.


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