WHO’S WATCHING GEORGIA? Will Anyone Stop the Democrats From Stealing This State Too?

What is going on in Georgia? Is anyone protecting the rights of the voters there?

On election night President Trump had an insurmountable lead in Georgia.  There was no way he could lose.  Even with mail in ballots and massive voter fraud, the Democrats couldn’t recover.  Then at about 11 o’clock at night, the state decided to shut down and call it a day.  We still have no information on who made that decision or why it occurred.

Yesterday morning, the day after the election, it was reported that with 94% of the votes counted President Trump had lead of  102,823 with 2,380,946 votes to Biden’s 2,278,123 votes.

However, yesterday we noted that the Democrats in Georgia were trying to bring ballots to people to have then altered so they would be legit.  It’s probably more likely the Democrats took these ballots, altered them themselves and then turned them back in:

Trump Camp Files Suit in Georgia to Stop Counting Ballots After Biden Camp Seeks Volunteers to go ‘Door-to-Door Helping Voters Fix Their Mail in Ballots’ AFTER ELECTION DAY

Now this morning we wake up and Georgia is still not done counting but in 24 hours Biden picked up a huge percent of the outstanding ballots.  This morning with 98% of the votes counted, President Trump is up by only 18,098 with 2,432,097 votes to Biden’s 2,413,999.

This means that in 24 hours the Democrats picked up 73% of the votes counted in 24 hours.  Out of 187,027 votes counted in 24 hours 135,876 of these votes were given to Biden!

What the hell is going on?  Why were these votes not counted Tuesday night?  Why did they stop counting yesterday and today?  Who is making these calls that allow Georgia to be stolen?  Why the hell are the good people in Georgia not stopping this BS? 

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