EXCLUSIVE: Poll Watcher in Michigan Kicked Out of Detroit Hall But Not Before They Obtained Evidence of Potential Fraud

A poll watcher in Michigan was kicked out of the hall where ballots are being counted from the 2020 election.  Before leaving the hall the poll watcher obtained a screen print identifying potential voter fraud.

One poll worker was expelled from the TCF Center where Wayne County/Detroit ballots are being counted, when they caught this snap:

You can read seven out of eight voter names listed on the screen image below – all their birthdays showed as January 1, 1900.

Shanieka Monet Branch

Veronica Lynn Christian

Sheila Ann Harris

Voltaire Ida James

Paul Jones

Ondre Lemont Mcneal

Magdalene Mary Pitts

What’s interesting is that all these people exist, but with different birth years and none of them appear to be regular voters.

The public QVF (Qualified Voter) system doesn’t give a birthday, just a birth year.

The birth year in the public QVF shows one individual noted above as being born in 1988 and lives in Detroit.   It also shows that as of November 2nd, this individual did not request an AV ballot.

Another individual lives in Detroit and was born in 1967.

There are eight records for one individual in the state, three in Detroit, born in 1954, 1963, and 1965.

Another was born in 1961 and lives in Detroit City and voted absentee on October 23rd.

There are two individuals with a common name who live in Detroit, interestingly they live at the same address.  One was born in 1966 and the other in 1944.  One of these individuals has never voted before, and the other one only voted in 2012.  This year, one of those individuals requested an absentee ballot but did not return it as of November 2nd.

Another individual listed above was born in 1979 and did not receive an absentee ballot as of November 2nd even though this individual requested one and has never voted in his life.

The eight individual identified above was born in 1971, lives in Westland, and did not request an absentee ballot as of November 2nd.  This individual never voted in her life.

The electronic system should include the most accurate data. Experts when asked said there was no reason this data should be wrong as displayed in this photo.

It appears that Democrats may be stealing the vote in an uncomplicated scheme.

An experienced Michigan data vendor who works on campaigns suggested this could be the case, “Practically how they’re stealing the vote is that they’re having to fraudulently cast votes for people who didn’t actually vote. So they’re going to fill out ballots at the end for people like this, that’s how they’re stuffing the ballots, that’s the way this would work. They would vote absentee ballots on the last day or two. Looking at these results, it’s most likely the Clerk is just stuffing ballots using these names.”

There is something going on with these individuals, of which there are many, with birth years of 1900. 

The suspicion is that thousands of individuals are entered into the database with the birth year of 1900.  We saw cases of this yesterday.  These may be duplicate entries of real people.  We don’t know.  The birth month and day are reportedly not included in the system and the birth year shows as 1900.  It is possible that the poll counters are actually filling out blank ballots in the halls and using the names associated with 1900 birth dates.  If this is the case this could potentially be traceable and identifiable.

There is something going on in Michigan and perhaps other states with birth years showing 1900.  The voter rolls in Michigan should be obtained now and all records with 1900 years of birth identified and compared to ballots received.



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