US Supreme Court Orders Pennsylvania Democrats to Respond by Thursday in a Case Challenging the State’s 3-Day Extension For Mail-in Ballots

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening in a case brought by Republicans challenging the state’s 3-day extension for mail-in ballots.

“This is an open invitation to voters to cast their ballots after Election Day, thereby injecting chaos and the potential for gamesmanship into what had been an orderly and secure schedule of clear, bright-line deadlines,” Pennsylvania Republicans argued.

Update: NBC News: The Pennsylvania Department of State office’s unofficial tally of outstanding mail ballots to be counted as of 10PM is 763,311.

The Washington Times reported:

The Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening in a case challenging the state’s three-day extension for counting mail-in ballots.

President Trump has moved to intervene in a lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania Republicans, arguing the state’s Democratic Party and Secretary of State violated the law by extending the time for counting mail-in ballots to Nov. 6 at 5 p.m., despite the state legislature setting the deadline as Election Day.

The lawsuit takes issue with a state Supreme Court ruling that postmarked ballots be presumed to have been mailed before Nov. 3, even if not clearly postmarked to that effect.

Mr. Trump filed a motion Wednesday to get involved in the suit, claiming that how Pennsylvania goes could decide the presidential election and that the high court should settle the conflict over the ballot extension quickly.

According to the court’s docket, the justices want the state’s officials and Democratic Party to respond before Friday’s ballot-counting deadline.

“Response to motion for leave to intervene requested, due Thursday, November 5, 2020, by 5 p.m.,” the docket read.

Recall, the Supreme Court said last Wednesday that it will not fast track Republicans’ challenge to Pennsylvania’s extended deadline for absentee ballots.

The justices did leave open the possibility that they would ultimately rule in favor of Pennsylvania Republicans.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was just sworn in, did not participate in Wednesday’s decision “because she has not had time to fully review the parties’ filings.”

President Trump is fighting like hell against the corrupt officials in Pennsylvania who are working to steal the election for Biden.

President Trump was up in Pennsylvania on election night by nearly 700,000 votes with more than 75% reporting and they still wouldn’t call it for Trump.

Pennsylvania officials voluntarily complied with requests and said they will segregate ballots received after election day as Republicans continue to fight in court.

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