BREAKING: Judge Tosses Out Trump’s Lawsuit Seeking to Stop Ballot Counting in Georgia After State Officials Keep Finding New Ballots

The Trump campaign on Wednesday filed its third lawsuit of the day, this one in Georgia to stop counting ballots.

Trump’s campaign alleged GOP poll watchers witnessed a woman stack 53 absentee ballots that arrived to Chatham County after Election Day on top of other absentee ballots that had arrived on Election Day.

The GOP poll watchers told the court what they witnessed and said they weren’t sure when exactly the ballots had arrived and the judge tossed the lawsuit.

A Georgia judge tossed out Trump’s lawsuit and said, “Courts don’t resolve disputes about whether something may or may not be happening.”

Trump won Georgia on Tuesday night by more than 100,000 votes.

At the time — even if the outstanding ballots were counted Democrats would never win the state.

But that all changed since election day.

On Thursday morning they announced only 25,000 ballots were left to count.

Then by 8:00 AM THURSDAY MORNING the Georgia Secretary of State announced that 50,000 ballots were yet to be counted.

They just found 25,000-35,000 new ballots that need to be counted in 2.5 hours!

The Democrats aren’t even hiding their fraudulent ballot harvesting efforts.

Barack Obama’s former speech writer on Wednesday tweeted that the Biden campaign was seeking volunteers in Georgia to “go door to door helping voters fix their mail in ballots so they count,” the day after the election.

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