Allegheny County, PA Still Has 35,413 Uncounted Mail-in Ballots, But Elections Staff is Taking the Day Off For ‘Administrative Work’ – Will Resume Count on Friday

The corrupt Democrat machine in Pennsylvania is trying to hand The Keystone State over to Joe Biden by producing fraudulent ballots after Election Day.

Election Day was Tuesday but Pennsylvania keeps counting ballots and finding new mail-in ballots for Joe Biden.

President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania on election night by nearly 700,000 votes, but the crooked Pennsylvania officials are going for the steal.

Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania continued to shrink on Thursday as officials continue to produce new ballots.

Allegheny County, PA (heavily Democrat) on Thursday announced it still has 35,413 uncounted mail-in ballots but elections staff is taking the day off for ‘administrative work’ and will resume counting on Friday.

Via NY Times reporter Trip Gabriel: Allegheny County, PA still has 35,413 uncounted mail-in ballots, but elections staff is taking today off for “administrative work” and will not resume count until Friday. “I can’t get an answer as to why,” says Bethany Hallam, a member of county elections board

“The elections staff is apparently addressing some of these issues in its “administrative work” today.”

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