VIDEO=> Senator Patty Murray Confronted On SCOTUS Nomination Hypocrisy

United states Senator Patty Murray gave a speech at a Planned Parenthood rally at the capitol in Olympia, where she dogged on the Republicans for holding up an Obama Supreme Court nominee, made fun of Ted Cruz, and said Republicans “Watch Mad Men and think it’s a how-to.” After the speech, I had an opportunity to ask her about Senator Chuck Schumer’s similar tactic of wanting to hold up Bush Supreme Court nominations when he was nearing the end of his Presidency… See the full story and VIDEO at The Gateway Pundit’s sister site, Progressives Today!

VIDEO=> HUNDREDS of ‘$15 Now’ Communists Storm Oregon Capitol

The communists and powerful union honks, along with impressionable and clueless teenagers in support of a $15 minimum wage for burger flippers and mushroom pickers took their anger to the Oregon state capitol building, chanting and shouting through the rotunda and halls, interuppting committees and other legislative business… Read the full story and see the video at Gateway Pundit’s sister site, Progressives Today!

New Washington Gun Bill Would BAN NEARLY ALL Modern Firearms

A new bill in the Washington state legislature would ban virtually all modern guns, as anything with the capability to “accept” a magazine of more than 10 rounds would be considered an “assault weapon” and would be banned from manufacture, importation, and even transfer to a family member or friend.