Bloomberg Anti Gun Bills DEFEATED In Oregon


The Oregon state legislature has adjourned for the even-year short session. Despite having clear anti gun majorities in both legislative chambers, and an anti gun governor, Bloomberg and his Moms Demand Action bunch couldn’t get a single gun control bill passed.

Three dangerous bills were drafted to further erode 2nd Amendment rights; HB 4147, which would have resulted in indefinite delays for purchasers; HB 4045 which would have increased penalties for someone driving with a gun who didn’t have the permission slip to do so; and SB 1551, which was a secret snitch bill that would have allowed practically anyone to call into the state police and report anyone as having a mental emergency, giving police the authority to strip the person of their 2nd Amendment rights with no due process and no evidence.

Last year, with the same legislative numbers, the Bloomberg organizations were able to get “universal background checks” passed into law, passing 32-28 in the house and 17-13 in the Senate, with 4 Democrats bailing on their own party and voting against it. This time around, only HB 4147 was able to move out of one chamber, with the house voting it out 31-28. The Senate, where the anti gun ratio is even higher, never even brought it to committee.

The pro gun activists across the state fought hard and worked tirelessly to stop the anti rights agenda, and won this time.


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