Ted Cruz Skips Vote On Federal Reserve Audit

FIRSTDRAFT28CruzPaul-tmagArticleAfter co sponsoring Sen. Rand Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act, Senator Ted Cruz was a no show to Tuesday’s vote on the bill. According to Cruz’s facebook page, he’s hunkered down in Hew Hampshire, on the Presidential campaign trail and preparing his response to the State Of The Union address.

The bill, S. 2232, failed in a 53-44 vote, with a near party line vote. Senator Bernie Sanders voted YEA on the bill, while Elizabeth Warren was a NAY, despite her rabid opposition to the big banks and Wall Street. Senator Corker was the lone Republican voting NAY, and Senator Tammy Baldwin was the lone YEA from the Democrats. In addition to Cruz, Indiana’s Dan Coats and Minnesota’s Al Franken were the other two no shows.

Senator Cruz had previously said “The Federal Reserve needs to fully open its books so Congress and the American people can see what has been going on. This is a crucial first step to getting back to a more stable dollar and a healthy economy for the long term. Right now, the Fed is adjusting monetary policy according to whims, getting it wrong over and over again, and causing booms and busts.”

The Rand Paul supporters have taken to social media, hammering Cruz and other Senators who voted against the bill.

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