Auto Dealer Offers FREE AR15 With Car Purchase

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A New Hampshire car dealer is dishing out a free AR15 with each auto purchase.

Specializing in Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, Hagan’s Motor Pool had had the promotion going on since May, but only recently has there been controversy over this.

Owner Mike Hagan, a combat veteran, says “This wasn’t started to make any kind of message or political statement. We’re giving these weapons away for people who can lawfully obtain them, and we’re confident that they’re gunna maintain them responsibly.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.43.18 AMOf course the anti gun hags, such as Jen Marks, come out and say “To me that’s just getting more of the nut jobs out to do even more harm to people that don’t deserve it.” Fellow hag Lynn Pelletier says “In my opinion military and police are the only ones who should have them.”

Renaissance Firearms is the dealer working with Hagan on the promotion, where they process the background check and actually do the deal. They say four Del-Ton AR15s have been given away thus far, along with one Smith & Wesson Sigma series 9mm pistol that someone chose as an option.

Hagan adds “If I choose to decline someone because I don’t have a good feeling about them, I certainly will.”



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