Pro-Gun State Rep Has Whole Room Cheering After Slamming Obama Administration…

vlcsnap-2016-01-23-18h04m08s213“You should tell that to the Obama administration.” quipped Washington state representative Jay Rodne, after Mercer Island police chief Ed Holmes speaks in favor of HB 2372, which mandate destruction of seized firearms.

Chief Holmes says that “Government’s role should not be in a transaction history of selling guns“, to which Rep. Rodne responded “Your last comment about the government should not be in the business, you should tell that to the Obama administration.” Those attending the hearing erupted in cheers, as committee chairhag Laurie Jinkins (C) jumps in to save her anti gun friends “REPRESENTATIVE RODNE, WHAT’S YOUR QUESTION?

Rep. Rodney went on to ask the Chief about background checks involving the selling of these guns. The anti gunners’ support of this mandatory destruction law, in a round-about way, is an admission that the expanded background checks they sought in 2014 don’t work.


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