Russian Disinformation Pt. 2? Biden Campaign Establishes “Task Force” To Counter The 100% Real “Cheap Fake” Videos

CBS News did a segment that purported to show "cheap fake" video that was supposedly manipulated to make President Joe Biden look bad, but the two clips were virtually identical.
CBS News did a segment that purported to show a “cheap fake” video that was supposedly manipulated to make President Joe Biden look bad, but the two clips were virtually identical. (@DontWalkRUN / X screenshot)

The Biden Regime’s campaign and propaganda arm has “established a task force to mitigate the risks” of online videos exposing Biden’s mental fitness, according to a staffer.

The Biden camp is in full-blown panic mode and attempting to gaslight the public after multiple videos of Biden went viral recently. Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, during a press conference, DEI White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashed out at conservative media outlets for circulating videos of Biden freezing up and being pulled off a stage by his handler-in-chief, Barack Obama. She described the unedited clips as “a cheap fake video done in bad faith.”

Karine Jean-Pierre Furious as Unedited Clips of Biden Freezing Up and Being Led Offstage by Obama Spread Like Wildfire Online — Calling it a ‘Cheap Fake Video Done in Bad Faith’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden also had a disastrous trip to Europe last week after wandering off during G7 parachuting displays and head-bumping Pope Francis.

And last Monday, Biden awkwardly stood still looking confused as everyone around him danced at a Juneteenth concert. It looked like his drug cocktail was wearing off.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Biden campaign spox Adrienne Elrod called the unedited viral video of Joe Biden wandering off at the G7 “disinformation” and demanded that “social media platforms” censor it.

Of course, Joe Biden wants to censor and silence conservative media.

Joe Biden counted on social media to censor Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell in October 2020, shortly before the presidential election and after 51 top intel officials claimed it was Russian propaganda-- despite verifying its authenticity in November 2019. He currently relies on the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to suppress evidence of election fraud and conservative media outlets like The Gateway Pundit.

Now Biden's handlers are forming a "task force to mitigate the risks" of authentic videos of Joe Biden and likely pressure social media platforms into censoring content that makes Biden look bad. So much for the First Amendment and the truth!

Will they use federal agencies and intelligence officials to censor Americans as they've done in recent years? Probably.


A special task force was purportedly established by the Biden campaign to lessen the impact of social media footage depicting the president acting befuddled or bizarre in public, according to a campaign staffer who spoke with Politico.

White House staff and officials working for the 2024 Biden election campaign have started to work towards combating “negative-spun” videos depicting the current president, fazed by media partners’ coverage of the president’s age, cognition, embarrassing moments, and certain recordings that show moments of odd behavior.

A Biden campaign staffer told Politico’s West Wing Playbook on Tuesday night that the campaign “established a taskforce to mitigate the risks” posed by what they claim are “fake” videos created to make Biden look bad.

The official also emphasized that social media companies and media allies bear the responsibility of reducing the negative impact of the Biden blunder videos that seem to always be circulating.

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