JUST-IN: Kari Lake Announces She Will Continue Fighting Stolen Election Case “to The US SUPREME COURT” – Will Launch “The Largest, Most Extensive Ballot Chasing Operation in Our State’s History” (VIDEO)

Merissa Hamilton (left), Kari Lake (right)

Kari Lake held her first press conference since her Maricopa County Superior Court trial and the dismissal of her case challenging Maricopa County’s fraudulent mail-in ballot signature verification system earlier today.

Kari Lake and her team teased the announcement of “big news” late last night after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson’s ruling.

Part of Lake’s big announcement dealt with the stolen midterm election, and she vowed to continue fighting her lawsuit all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

Kari Lake has been fighting against the stolen midterm election since November 8.

The Gateway Pundit reported on days one, two, and three of Lake’s recent trial exposing corruption in Maricopa County’s early voting system.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in Lake’s favor on appeal after her first trial challenging voting machine failures at 60% of voting locations targeting Republican voters in Maricopa County. The Supreme Court remanded her signature verification fraud count back to the trial court for further review after it was tossed by the same Judge prior to trial. Maricopa County did not accurately verify tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of mail-in signatures; they couldn’t possibly have.

Despite evidence from Maricopa County’s own data, which shows “approximately 274,000 ballot signatures compared and verified in less than three seconds,” Judge Peter A. Thompson again ruled in favor of Defendants late last night, claiming that “level one and level two signature review did take place in some fashion.” 

JUST-IN: Judge Tosses Kari Lake’s Lawsuit After Trial on Fraudulent Signature Verification Shows AT LEAST 274,000 Ballots Were Verified in Less Than 3 Seconds – ORDER INCLUDED

That’s all it takes. Maricopa County didn’t need to verify signatures accurately or in accordance with the law. They just needed to review signatures “in some fashion,” according to Thompson.

Lake is expected to appeal this ruling all the way to the US Supreme Court, if needed, in the coming days or weeks.

Lake further announced that she and grassroots organizer Merissa Hamilton are “officially launching the largest, most extensive ballot-chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly, possibly in American history.”

Lake told reporters that her plan is to do this through legal means of registering voters and getting out the vote, not ballot harvesting and dirty tricks like the Democrats and their 2000 Mules operation, but according to the laws of Arizona. Lake said that “pushing the envelope” means “we are not stopping at 50 miles an hour; we’re going 100 miles an hour toward winning the next election.”

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Kari Lake and Merissa Hamilton opened the press conference earlier to announce their “multipronged” approach to fighting election fraud and winning elections.

Lake: We have just been through a lot in the last seven months, the people of Arizona. We’ve been through a lot for a while, and you know, we worked really hard on our election case with the strongest election case in the entire country. And we went through the legal system, and we did not get the verdict that we wanted. Obviously, you all know that. We needed people with courage to act courageously, and we didn’t get that. We proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our elections are a mess. We’ve shown and we proved with evidence that chain of custody wasn’t followed. We’ve proven that signature verification is a joke, that it’s not even being done, that it’s not being done properly when it is being done. And we proved that the good people of Arizona had been disenfranchised when they showed up on election day to vote, and they had to wait in the heat for four hours, and their vote didn’t count, it was spit out, sometimes the ballots were thrown into garbage bags to be taken downtown and counted. We’re the laughingstock of elections here in Arizona. And while that was not the verdict I hoped for, I truly did expect that. I was not shocked by that verdict yesterday, and it will not deter me Not at all. The system is corrupt from top to bottom. And the only way to get an honest system and to root out corruption is to identify it, see it, and lay it all out for everyone to see. And I think we’ve done a pretty good job at that. I believe that Arizonans now realize that their elections are a mess. This facade that they’ve been putting on of cameras and transparency, it’s a joke. They want to call it a hiccup? It is like projectile vomiting; it’s not a hiccup. What they’re doing is so wrong to the people of this state, and I’m never going to stop fighting for the people of this state. When I got into this, I got into this because I wanted to root out corruption and return our government back to We The People, and we did everything right. The people showed up in droves to vote, only to have their sacred vote trampled upon. And so, we’re going to work to correct that. If we choose to do the easy thing over the right thing, we will lose our country, and there’s been far too many people choosing to do the easy thing, choosing to line their pockets, choosing to take the easy road and the corrupt road, frankly. We’re going to take the hard road, which is the right road, and we’re going to continue to fight.

Lake: We have been working nonstop to put together a team, and we are officially launching the largest most extensive ballot-chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly, possibly in American history. The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stand. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly. The courts have ruled that anything goes. Well, we can play by those same rules. If anything goes, then anything goes, and we are going to start chasing ballots like you’ve never seen, and I’ve got an army of moms and dads and citizens behind me who are ready to chase ballots. Because if it’s just a ballot that matters, then we can chase ballots too, and we’re going to do that. We’ve got to work in this rigged, corrupt system, and we can do it. We will not allow them to steal another election from We the People. We want our government back. And right now we have people sitting in these offices, in our government, who were not duly elected. So we have taken and we’ve got millions of dollars committed. We have 1000s of volunteers who are dedicated to this. We are better at doing everything, better than the left at doing everything. We know we have better candidates. They put forth people who can’t even string two or three words together. They put forth people who aren’t even healthy enough to hold office, who aren’t mentally healthy enough to hold office because they can’t find good people who actually will push the garbage they’re pushing on America. And they will, as we’ve seen, do anything possible to stop We the People from taking back our government. But, We the People are going to stand up. We’ve been playing checkers, they’ve been playing chess, and we’re going to show up to a knife fight with a gun, not a knife, okay? We are going to take our massive movement, and we’re going to make sure that we employ every single person in it, volunteers, mothers, fathers, individuals, students, even the kids are involved because it’s their future that we’re fighting for. And we’re going to get out there and register voters.

Lake: We’re going to make sure that we push the envelope, the legal envelope, as far as we can push it, and at the same time, we are going to continue to fight our court case. We’re not stopping here. We’re not stopping with one judge in Mesa, who’s ruled against us time and time again; we’re going to keep going. And we know that the people of this great state want me to stay in this fight. The people of this great country want us to stay in this fight, and we have proof of that. We know it, and the people who are sitting in the state offices, who took control of our government, they know they’re frauds. They absolutely know they’re frauds, and we all do. In Maricopa County, our incredible movement showed up on Election Day, November 8, and they voted 75% to put America first and put Arizona first. And when they went to the polls to cast their vote 60% of our polling locations were not working. The locations failed, and they were forced to wait in the hot sun for three to four, or five, or six hours. We cannot trust Maricopa County to give our voters a fair chance, we can’t trust the buffoons running our elections in Maricopa County anymore, and we can’t leave any vote on the table. So, we’re going to work on our ballot-chasing operation. We are ready, it’s funded, and we’re ready to go. 87% of our voters are on the Permanent Early Voter List, and while you know how I feel about mail-in ballots, this is the game we have to play. If we got to work in their rigged system, we’ll work in their rigged system. 218,000 Republicans are on that list, and guess what? They didn’t vote in 2022. 332,000 Independents are on that list, and they didn’t vote in 2022. If you do the math, that’s about a half a million Republicans and independents, who were mailed a ballot and let Election Day pass with that ballot sitting on their kitchen table. We’re not going to let that happen anymore. We’re not going to let that happen. We will identify these voters, we will earn their vote, and then we will go out there and get their vote. We’ll make sure that vote makes it back down to the County, where these criminals and crooks are operating. And you know what? We’re going to inundate them with so many mail-in ballots, their heads are gonna spin. So, the person who is going to be helping with this incredible movement that we’re going to start pushing — you guys are just gonna love her, I know many of you do already — is a woman who I’m impressed with. I met her a couple of years ago. She’s one of the grassroots’ favorite people, Merissa Hamilton, she’s going to lead this up. This is Save Arizona. Our Save Arizona fund is going to be multipronged we’re going to have Merissa helping us with this movement, and we’re also going to continue to not only raise funds, but energy for our legal team to continue pushing our case to the United States Supreme Court because we’ve got to fight this.

Hamilton: As many of you know, I have been working hard to take back Arizona for many years. I was previously in the supply chain and food service industry, and I saw, under Obama, the hostile takeover that was happening to our food supply, and I looked at it as really a national security crisis. At the same time, I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and I was helping women, children, and moms to be able to get free from their abusers, and I found that government made it harder every step of the way. And as I kept working to help people, I found that at every step, government didn’t really work for the people. It made it harder, but the worst part was that it didn’t stop there. You know, when I worked for Councilman Sal DiCiccio in constituent services, I was getting hundreds of calls of problems that our voters were having back in 2018. And so, I decided to step up, I worked in the adjudication, and I saw terrible things happening in a system that was set up to fail, that was set up to fail our voters and to fail in securing our vote. And so, back then, before many people even thought that this was a concern, I had been fighting to be able to have elections that worked as well as our supply chain, to at least be able to know where our ballots are coming from, where they’re going, make sure only legal voters are able to vote. But, I quickly learned, that was not going to be enough to save our country. And so we got active, we started mobilizing people, I decided to go back to the private sector, only to find out that our banking industry was now trying to destroy our personal wealth with ESG policies. And so, I looked at it as every single foundation that made America great was under attack. And we needed to mobilize the people to take action to save our country because that is what the founders created our country to be; to be by, of, and for the people. And so, I am so thankful for Kari. She has created the most massive grassroots movement in the nation, and I can say that with authority because I’ve actually traveled the country and visited the grassroots around the nation, and every single person asks me, “how do we do what you’re doing here in Arizona?” Well, the good news is, we’re taking it up a notch. We are going to empower every single freedom-loving voter in Arizona to save our state.

Hamilton: When I ran for Phoenix mayor in 2020, I knew that it was an uphill battle. I know how it feels right now to be in this moment. But we didn’t back down, we kept moving forward, and we’ve done amazing things in this state, but, we still have more work to do. And so, I am so thankful that we are going to be; if there’s any voter out there that’s listening right now, if you’re tired with the inflation that you see, if you’re tired of seeing empty shelves at the grocery store, if you’re tired of not being able to let your kids play outside because it’s not safe, if you don’t know what to do about the propaganda in the classroom, if you are a senior struggling living on a fixed income, join us. We need every man, woman, and child to join us to save Arizona. We have a place for you, we will get you involved, we are going to register voters, we are going to educate voters with what’s on their ballot, and we know this model works because we just did it in southern Arizona and just with a handful of money, just a few hundred dollars, we were able to defeat a $300,000 effort to bring the Green New Deal into Arizona through Prop 412. And the grassroots crushed it, and so, we are going to do the same all over Arizona. We will mobilize, we will teach the grassroots how to register voters, we will show up at every single location within our communities, and we’re going to take Arizona back. We’re going to save the state, and we’re gonna save the country.

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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