Media Is Giddy For an #Occupy Criminal Movement Resurgence

Susan Poff and Robert Kamin won’t be enjoying the #occupy protests this year.
Their #occupier son strangled them after an argument about the #occupy movement and stuffed their bodies in the family car.

Highly respected: Susan Poff, left, and her husband Robert Kamin were allegedly murdered by their adopted 15-year-old son Moses at their home in Oakland, California. (Daily Mail)

The radical left #occupiers have put together quite a record of accomplishment:

9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
2 murders (Not counting the protester who strangled his parents and stuffed them in a car)
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
– Multiple Rapes
– Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation
Child molestation and baby abuse

But facts don’t matter. The liberal media is giddy for an #occupy resurgence.
Elizabeth Flock at the Washington Post reported:

Occupy is back? Movement gets a TV show, issues concrete demands, begins new protests

Over the last several months, much of the media has reported that the movement had run its course. “Today it looks like a lot of Occupiers have decided that two months is enough,” wrote CNBC from New York in November “Occupy movement is dead as a skunk,” conservative blog the Gateway Pundit cheered the following month. “Occupy protesters lose steam,”Christian Broadcasting Network wrote in January, as the last protesters in Washington’s McPherson Square were evicted. And last week, a question was posed on Yahoo Answers: “When did Occupy Wall Street lose its credibility?” That question has now been deleted.

But as the first signs of spring appear, Occupy Wall Street seems to be alive and kicking once again. Or at least starting to get there. Here’s a short of what’s been “occupied,” in the last two weeks alone.

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  • Yep

    He killed them due to “an argument over the Occupy Movement”?

    From what I’ve read, they had arguments with their some because
    he was spending too much time at the Occupy camp. It was not
    a philosophical debate……he was 15 years old. He was also a foster
    child who came from bad circumstances.

  • democraps suck

    Occupy A$$HOLES…just as peaceful as mooslums…yeah just like the tea party….NOT….suck on that lib-turd media….what have you say for your reporting now?????

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  • dwd

    Contrast Tea Party coverage (who pay their own way to the rally and leave their rally sites cleaner than when they arrived) with Occupy coverage (who have committed all the lovely atrocities in Jim’s list).

    Biased media? You betcha

  • dwd

    Also, don’t forget: the Tea Party is required to request a permit in advance and pay a fee to hold a rally, while Occupy just shows up with no permit and having paid no fees and puts monetary burdens on the sites they damage… yet Occupy is offered the lease of a building for $1.

  • Militant Conservative

    This is why you never trust an animal from another farm.

    Might be just fine untill you find the right trigger mechanism.

    Then you have to put them down before they kill you.

    Humans are just animals when not constrained by morality (religion).

    Occupy bowel movement is made up of animals ans societal debris.

    the fleas and ticks of the human kind (parasites).

    Not to worry these verrmin are few and ill equiped for the adventure they want.

    Powder is dry

  • Carbon Pootprint

    They should go occupy the 30 Rock building and take over pmsnbc. I”m all in favor of little socialist scum eating bigger socialist scum.

  • Practical Jane

    Retired05 sure makes the rounds doesn’t he?
    Hope he gets paid in change!!

  • bg


    where are the Jared Loughners when
    we need them hey Auntie Fran?? /s/

    more here & here, before, after, and in between..


  • Bluebay

    Anyone see this yet?

    We may still end up with Mutt or someone new and unvetted. What say you?

  • bg


    Bluebay #11 February 22, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    i say..



  • jainphx

    Strangled people that gave him a home! Boy that Santorum guy is way off base about evil and Satan now ain’t he?

  • Glen Stanish

    The best story I’ve read of late is in the Daily Rash: “Occupy Wall Street Using Prostitutes to Deter Rapists.” Hilarious!

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  • bg
  • Dave-O

    The lamestream media is desperate to talk about ANYTHING during election season besides record unemployment, skyrocketing budget deficits, budget-busting energy prices, and plummeting home values. Anything.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    I strenuously OBJECT to mention that this kid was adopted.

    Is there some heinous bias on Gateway Pundit about children who were adopted? I hope not.

    Our (adopted through Catholic Charities) daughter is as loving, conservative, pro-life/anti-abortion as anyone could be.

    It grieves me that Mr. Hoft allows this rubbish to appear on his blog.

    How about a disclaimer on this, Jim?


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  • kato

    And Drudge is reporting that Cindy Sheehan, now an Occupy loon, has the Feds after her for tax evasion.

    Re #18 above, no one is comparing this boy to your daughter or making any other statement about adopted children. In the normal course of affairs, the legal status of a child is nobody’s business. But when a person commits murder, then a lot of personal stuff becomes public and possibly relevant. Quite honestly, I passed over the word “adopted” in Jim’s caption, but your comment caught my attention.

  • bg


    #18 February 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm
    Annoyed In Illinois

    God bless you & yoeu family, adopted or not..

    however, that does nor detract from
    your sounding like a raving lunatic..


  • bg


    re; #21 February 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm bg

    yoeu = your


  • Bluebay

    #12 bg:

    I concur with your choice. Newt totally aced the debated tonight. (happy face back atcha)

  • Lie Exposer

    More lies from The Gateway Scumpit.

  • paul52

    At some point, somewhere in America, some town will tire of #Occupoopers. The cops will mysteriously disappear, and the locals will do a number on these scum. Just a matter of time.

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  • Dave-O

    #18 – when I read the post, my reaction to the use of the term was that these were particularly loving and caring parents and people. I read nothing in it more than that.

  • TigerEyes

    We pay taxes on the streets where this is taking place and taxes for police protection from vandals, criminals and terrorists. Maybe it’s time to withhold tax dollars until we get what we pay for.

  • Rob

    “More lies from The Gateway Scumpit.”

    The Occupy movement is toast. You’ll have to (*gasp*) take up bathing again. The horror! The horror!

  • wanumba

    I support black Africans in their popular mass uprisings street protests against the 1% Socialist Crony power-grabbers who’ve taxed and taken and left the authentic tribal peoples with no electricity, no water, no jobs.

    #OWS is too white, too rich, too elite Liberal Arts-drama queen, and too beholden to Socialist corruptocrats to merit any support from the masses.

  • wanumba

    #18 February 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm
    Annoyed In Illinois commented:
    I strenuously OBJECT to mention that this kid was adopted.

    Is there some heinous bias on Gateway Pundit about children who were adopted? I hope not.

    You Americans THAT easy to take offense? Seriously?
    What has your circumstances got to do with these people? Your kid abandoning you and hanging at #OWS all day instead of going to school and staying at home?

    How much does a kid have to hate the parents to think the pig sty of #OWS is better than home? WHy are you claiming a position of being blanket included when the focus is on ONLY this family?

    This phony outrage is pathetic.

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  • anonymous

    jesus christ you yanks are rabid. Over here i’m considered extremely right wing. As in as far right as is legally viable. And yet my extreme conservativism, is nothing to that of bible belt america. Bear also in mind your precious right-wing organisations thought it’d be a marvellous idea to turn up with posters lampooning your own president in highly racist tones. I mean i know you guys are a new country in real terms and therefore behind europe in terms of civility, eloquence and etiquette. May i also point out the good occupy has done. For instance. In the canadian branch the homeless especially WOMEN felt safer in the midst of an occupy protest than in a homeless shelter. They were less likely by far to have unwanted sexual advances pressed upon them and less likely to have their possessions stolen. Then there is london, where a disused UBS building was converted into a community centre. You cannot simply claim in black and white terms right wing good, left wing bad without sounding like a sheep. Next it’ll be four legs good two legs bad. So my advice is a touch, of perspective. It’d do america the world of good when deciding between someone who owned a multibillion corporation and used it to run companies into the ground or someone who genuinely cares about the increase in class disparity. And no the bankers often didn’t earn it legitimately. Bonuses for a job botched and poorly done, a mechanic wouldn’t get that, a surgeon wouldn’t, nor would anyone else. So why should they? I’m not advocating right or left here. I’m advocating balance.