Occupy Movement’s Price Tag Tops $20 Million …Much Higher Than the $13 Million That Was Previously Reported

Earlier this week the liberal media reported that the Occupy protests cost taxpayers over $13,000,000.

But the actual cost is much higher.
Verum Serum updated the total cost estimates on Wednesday.
Total: $18,450,999

And, here is the latest total of Occupation costs using Verum Serum’s totals plus more recent figures:

Total: Over $21,273,499

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  • Highlander

    Just like the Tea Party … oh wait …. the Tea Party paid the cost of their “protests” didn’t they? Never mind …

  • exceller

    then you have to add the damages to local businesses. In their crusade against the rich these morons mainly hurt average people just trying to get by.

  • donh

    This is the do it myself off budget executive order stimulous spending Obama threatened when Congrees refused to pass his Jobs bill NOW.

  • Granny

    And there are a good many that are not included in that list. Occupy Burlington (Vermont) has cost a pretty penny, including a murder investigation.

  • ∅cat

    They’re actually Occuliars! The Make Believe Media will spare no effort regarding their darling movement.

  • and the 99% will have to foot the bill for these 1% loons.

  • garrettc

    Every organization that has paid fees for public events should immediately demand their money back.

  • wernamess

    What’s the point of trying to repair the damage? They will simply be cheered on by the left and do it all over again.

  • BarbaAZ

    Check out the Ezra Levant clip from Toronto, where he takes an infra-red, heat detecting camera to an occupy site and has a clash with the hired drones there. His 4am photography shows that 90% of all their tents were empty tents!! Occupy Mommy’s and Daddy’s warm comforter at home is more like it! LOL There’s so much more. You’ve got to see the clip and the discussion afterwards. Worth it!!

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Why must productive citizens foot the bill? Send it to Ubamas campaign. His politburo are behind the entire fustercluck.

  • Jimmy

    We’ll have to borrow the money to pay for it.

  • paul52

    Absolutely right #7. Any group that paid these fees should file suit after suit for refunds or bill the Peebaggers for ALL costs.

  • mcc

    #10 — there ya go. Just my thought. He’s got the money in his campaign coffers. Fork it over, Barry.

  • Jean

    Priceless for the so called 99% which is really less than 1%. I hope we can rub Obama’s nose in this next year.

  • JPeden

    Impossible! As recently “intellectually grounded” by Elizabeth Warren again, Marxist “labor” can never create debt, Amen. So someone must have ripped the Movement’s “profit” off the backs of each of the little struggling ‘movements’ themselves when they weren’t looking and become $20 million richer!

  • lizzy84

    from Insty… ‘One sign that summarizes the entire Occupy movement — and the entire entitlement mentality as well:’


    {These selfish, self-absorbed losers are so pathetic.}

  • Rock

    This is the Obama view of Government at work, jobs and legislation by civil unrest. The new norm under Dems in charge.
    Win Win for the unions first they get Obama campaign funds to make the mess, then they get taxpayer funds to clean up.

  • Patty

    A great many in the Police, EMS and sanitation departments are going to have extra money for what the taxpayers have paid them.

    But can you imagine how many unemployed could be employed for the millions wasted.

    Perfect example of blatant waste and this could have been prevented if Obama had been a respected President.

  • bg


    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    ~ Barack Hussein Obama


  • WillofLa

    And I’m sure liberals will deny that fact of how much all this destruction is compared to how many people, little snails, lizards, fish, no telling how many more that they don’t know about, that big corporations have destroyed over the years with all the pollution, global warming, dead lakes, river’s, and streams, including the current continueance of pollution that is still claimed is being pumped into the atmosphere, the water, and the ground by big corporations that they haven’t closed down yet.

    So all this cost, hmph! who cares? They don’t look at what they are doing as costing anything to anybody. Yeah, right, just like smoking dope doesn’t hurt anyone either, right?

  • Abelard

    These groups have assets — they’ve been given all sorts of money by well-wishers. Force ’em to give it up to cover the costs that they’ve inflicted on the cities.

  • Liz

    Freeze their Wells Fargo account, and make inside trader George Soros pay for his minions. Obama can contribute a few food stamps too.

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  • Rock

    Any chance Piglosi will help out, seems like she tripled her net worth while Speaker of the House, na no way, shes due for another face stretch. Guess the dregs from Frisco will have to find another sucker.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Occupy Oakland – $2,400,000 for police overtime alone

    Higher, HIGHER!!!

    I want to see the mayor of Oakland take a massive hit for her fecklessness.

  • Patty
  • Patty
  • dba…vagabond trader

    @ #17:

    Absolutely! Government creates the problem, then offers the solution.

  • Militant Conservative

    LOL, and the occupy movement has contributed to

    The paroll of ” da man” . Mine is down and theirs is

    Up. Hmm private sector down public up. Not very

    Sustainable if you ask me. Get armed and dangerous

    Soon a house to house hunt for food/supplies.

    Targetfest 2011/2012. With politician fest coming.

    Soon the producers will weed out the non producers.

    Powder is dry

  • Rock

    Patty #27

    Any chance they got that wrong and it was soiled pants, and yoga shaped candles? The man is such a freak.

  • hstad6

    You missed a whole bunch of cities! In California, try San Jose, Santa Ana, Irvine, Pasadena, Glendale, etc.! Probably 3x to 4x the reported numbers!

  • Alana

    Pisses me off.

  • Nothing

    And Obama will still be reelected, reupublicans will still be racists, and hate of Cain, and still both parties are corporate suckups.

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know, it is REALLY hard to see how associating with these idiots is a win for Democrats. It seems obvious that they are completely giving up the middle to win the far left. IMHO this is a scorched earth policy and not intended to win but to bring in the maximum donations.

  • Granny

    #33 November 25, 2011 at 3:22 pm
    Nothing commented:

    And Obama will still be reelected, reupublicans will still be racists, and hate of Cain, and still both parties are corporate suckups.

    Did you know anything about farming? You never, ever count your chickens before they hatch . . . . remember 2010?

  • BurmaShave

    $21M does not touch the cost of these professional vagrants.

    What about all local businesses which these vagrants importuned for huge amounts of food and sanitation facilities and services, etc. worth untold millions of dollars?

    Oh wait, it was all freely donated (guffaw). We are all sure there was not a trace of intimidation. And ObamaCare is not going to cost us one thin dime.

  • bg


    re; Patty #27 November 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Barack Obama is Having a Black Friday Sale


  • Joel

    Just think of the jobs that were created??!

    Nobama is history, looney lefts enjoy what’s left of it.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    And Obama will still be reelected,…

    That wouldn’t bother me much, if in the process the Republicans strengthen their majority in the House and capture control of the Senate, all with Tea Party types.

    A veto-proof majority would be icing on the cake.

  • Kind of puts a fine point on the Community-Agitator-In-Chief’s Thanksgiving message about being our brother’s keeper. Brother, is #Occupy one lazy and expensive brother to keep.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • cal rifkin

    Gubmint spending is by its very nature redistributionist. It all falls neatly into Obamao’s ( and Cloward/Piven’s ) plan to bust the gut of the US….Really, the fight has just begun in that only now are the few who see what’s been going on with the whole progressive movement growing into numbers that will slow or stop the slide. Rinos sure aren’t helping, so look the candidates over reeeeeal closely!!

  • lizzy84

    More proof that you don’t need a weatherman to know who’s behind this:
    Bill Ayers to Speak in Harrisburg, Visit Occupation..
    ‘Occupy Harrisburg will continue its inclusive policy to welcome all voices when Bill Ayers arrives in Harrisburg on December 14th. Ayers will lead a teach-in and discussion.. He has expressed excitement at visiting the ongoing occupation of the State Capitol steps, especially after the recent eviction of the tent village in River Front Park.’


  • Captain Chaos

    All they did is hurt taxpayers from cities that are already struggling as well as small businesses that are already operating on the margins..

    Way to go team Obama and the OWS ***-wipes!!

  • Sandy

    So my tax dollars are paying for anarchy. As Pat Caddell said today — the only way Obama can win is to destroy this country. Top Dems are fed up and are going to send out a petition to draft Hillary.

    As a former campaign worker for Hillary I doubt I would support her now but I do wish she would win the nomination.

  • Sandy

    #39 November 25, 2011 at 4:18 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    Its not good enough to have more Republican House and Senate members — Obama has decided that bypassing Congress is the way to go. You know the routine. I have to govern against a hostile Congress therefore I have decided to issue executive orders.

    The best thing might be to vote in Dem primaries for Hill to keep Obama from getting the nomination.

  • BG

    Well, it is even higher than reported….Occupy Dallas or Occupy Fort Worth was not on the list.

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  • jainphx

    From that list, only one city can be considered “red” that would be Phoenix. My business takes me down town Phoenix daily. First the attempt to have a tent city in Cooper Square was stopped, second on no day did I see more than a handful of Scum. The money must have been spent on lunch by the PPD and MSD. There is a shortage of donuts now in Phoenix.

  • schmenz

    $21 mil? That’s peanuts. Ever wonder what our unjust wars of aggression against countries that have done us no harm are costing? Probably more than $21 million a day.

    I’m not at all certain that Occupy This-or-That is the right way to go, but I do know we are being bankrupted by the insane policies of our government and the international financial oligarchs.

    And there are more than just scruffy hippies at these protests. Lots of moms and pops and just plain Joes, too.

  • jainphx

    schmenz== Your fruit of the looms are unjust.

  • Patty

    #37 November 25, 2011 at 4:12 pm
    bg commented:


    re; Patty #27 November 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Barack Obama is Having a Black Friday Sale


    now, that is hilarious, bg, really funny!!! 😆

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  • JPeden

    #50 schmenz commented:

    $21 mil? That’s peanuts. Ever wonder what our unjust wars of aggression against countries that have done us no harm are costing?

    Yeah, Libya comes to mind: Obama ignores War Powers Act, wages war for no apparent reason.

    Btw, how long did it take you to learn to repeat “unjust wars of aggression” while having no idea what you are talking about?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Schmenz; lotsa moms, pops, just plain Joes and Janes, kids, lil’ ol’ puppy dogs with big eyes and cute kitty-cats are at OWS.

    And I’m the Empress of the Galaxy!

    /Sarc. off.

    Gee, when we got invovled in Libya, the libs didn’t have anything to say against that particular war.

  • jimg

    I’ve said from the start, have the police/state stand down, and let the citizenry settle it.

    It’ll be over inside of three hours.

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  • $21,273,499!!! Gotta go check my blood pressure!

  • Thomas

    Oakland, $2.4 Million – for police overtime alone !!

    Add into that the dock workers making $100K+, all their overtime for making up after the forced port shut downs.

    Looks like the unions are cleaning up on the West Coast – police union, dockworker union.

    Maybe teachers’ unions can get in on the grift somehow too – take their students on field trips to the encampments, then earn overtime later on in the year making up for lost classroom time.

    Taxpayers are footing the bill, so it’s all “free” – to these lucky union types.

  • Mad Hatter

    And if you think these numbers are bad, wait until next summer. After reading this, and then doing a little thinking, a part of the tactics is to bleed the cities dry for bailout money, along with keeping the spotlight off of Obama and his failed Presidency.

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  • anonymous

    $20 million is LESS than 1/4 of the cost of ONE F-35 fighter jet. If that isn’t worth the voice of millions across your country over 2 months, then what is.

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