#Occupy Eugene Protester Choked and Beaten to Death at Camp – #Occupy Death Toll at 9

#Occupy Eugene protester Rich Youngblood was choked and beaten to death at the camp this week.
Kristen Carpenter, Chair of Occupy Eugene’s Action Committee said they had hoped to prevent acts of violence, like the incident involving Youngblood… where he died.

(KVAL photo)

Yesterday more than 30 people gathered for a vigil to remember 54-year-old Rich Youngblood of Florence who was murdered at the #Occupy Eugene camp.
Herald.net reported:

More than 30 people gathered for a vigil to remember a man who died after a fight in the Occupy Eugene camp.

Occupy Eugene leader Kristen Carpenter told KVAL-TV, “We’re sorry we couldn’t have stopped the violence in the system sooner.” She said the Friday night vigil was not just for 54-year-old Rich Youngblood of Florence but also for all victims of street violence.

Police said Youngblood was beaten and choked at the camp on Monday. Authorities are still investigating.

The City Council ordered the camp be disbanded.

With the Eugene beating death, the #occupy death toll stands at 9. This does not include the #Occupy Raleigh protester who shot up a food store injuring three people then committed suicide.

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  • Jim

    While I’m hesitant to be negative on such a joyous day such as this, the more one sees (and smells) from the Occupy mob the only conclusion one can make is they are the unhinged mob set to bring chaos and misery upon all in their unholy quest to seek their perverted idea of ‘justice’. Evil barbarians each and everyone of them. Instead of being spawned from outside the gates of civilization, this horde was raised from within. Their goal, unknowingly or with intent is to bring about another ‘dark ages’.

    Considering all the good things Western Civilization has accomplished it would be a shame and crime to let these barbarians succeed.

  • Jim

    ps, let’s call the Occupy movement for what they truly are;

    barbarian filth.

  • Missy8s

    If they’ll do this to their own you can bet that they’ll have absolutely no compunction doing this to anyone who stands in their way.

    The word violent doesn’t begin to describe their likely future direction of tactics, they’re on a path to terrorist actions.

    After all Van Jones, Bill Ayers and Frances Fox Piven are their leaders.

    Lock n’ load.

  • zooomzooom

    Just like the Tea Party, only different.

  • Kurt

    I sure hope that the crime wave known as the “Occupy” movement comes to an end soon!

  • Patty

    The City Council ordered the camp be disbanded.

    oh, gee, finally they are doing their jobs. deaths is what will finally do it. Shameful what cities and especially Bloomberg has allowed in a city where Giuliani worked so hard to just have his efforts disappear like they never happened.

    This Occupy thing is the Genius of the far left Soros, Jones, Unions, SEIU and once again with another president and some real intelligence in the White House this would not have happened and if it did would never have lasted long enough to killed people.

    These protesters are a real embarrassment as Holder. One death is one too many. Thanks Obama and Pelosi and others who have promoted death in America.

  • Patty

    Isn’t this the administration that says, Republican plan will kill people?


    No loss what so ever…just a bunch of trash that needs to be sent to a third world country so they can really see how great their life can be

  • WillofLa

    Yeah, my sympathy goes out to the man’s family, and it’s a bad way to go. But, I’m sorry, being a Vietnam combat vet I think it’s funny. Just ask some of us and we’ll tell you that this morbid humor came to us in the war and there’s not to much we can do about it. People dieing doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I find humor in the fact that if that guy wasn’t involved with this nonsense that the Occupier’s represent then he would have been at home this morning celebrating the birth of Christ and opening presents, you know, Merry Christmas? His families Christmas has been ruined. His kids, if any, will remember that their dad was murdered while protesting at a Occupy Wall Street encampment in Eugene. That’s no way to go, I’ll tell you that. That’s where the humor comes in, and I find it very funny that he was beaten and choked. The part about being choked is the funnyest because I wonder what was going through the mind of the guy who was choking him, “Damn anti-capitalist, I’ll teach you, you bastard!!” Or maybe it was some dope head who didn’t even know he was doing it he was so high.

    And you can tell that the death of innocent American citizen’s doesn’t mean a damn thing to these Communists because after the first one the whole Occupy movement should have stopped. The people running the thing should have realized that getting people killed over this was not the point. But now they look at it as acceptable losses in order to MAKE their point, not just the point of what they are doing.

    This guy being choked to death and the lazy way they are holding some little memorial service for the “fallen” doesn’t mean a thing to them. Look how many people died under Stalin and Mao. Don’t you think they had the same idea about innocent people dieing was for the greater glory of the movement? Same thing here.

  • JustJP

    The occupy movement will eventually experience what the 2nd amendment is all about

  • WillofLa

    OK, I went to the KMTR.com site in Eugene, OR and it said that Mr. Youngblood was drunk and got into a fight with several people and what happen to him took place during the fight. So I still stand on my original comment that he shouldn’t have been there to begin with and he’d still be alive for Christmas. The fight took place Friday night. So the only thing that the Eugene Occupier’s should be thinking is how to avoid more deaths. Well, the only way I can see to avoid more deaths is to break the encampment down and go home, they’ve made their point and now it’s gotten to the point where people are dieing while the protest is no longer going on and not making any more point to convince people the big banks need to be shut down. Now, it’s people in the community want the Occupier’s to go home in order to stop any more innocent people having to die in order for the organizer’s to keep the movement alive. The movement is alive but the people are dieing because of it.

  • whit seven

    “stopped the violence in the system sooner.”

    She might not be this clever, but i think she’s trying to imply that the violence in the “system” killed him, not the violence inherent in their pathetic movement.

  • jhump

    Authorities are still investigating.

    What “authorities” are they referring to? The actual Eugene Police Department, or the OWS Security Down Twinkles Committee?

    You know some politician will say something ingenius like, “it’s too bad it took this before we did…blah, blah, blah…”

    Predictably tragic!

  • http://mainfo.blogspot.com/ Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Violence in the “system”?

    These babies will NEVER accept responsibility for their actions.

  • Sterling Hallbrook

    This is just a small sample of the society the progressives have planned for all of those who fall for their lies. It is not going to be me.

  • Ali

    Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!!

    Help!! Help!! I’m being repressed!!

  • jhump

    This is just a small sample of the society the progressives have planned for all of those who fall for their lies.

    You can’t base a society on the OWS list of grievances. It’s basically a mobocracy with competing agendas. Substituting one special interest for another isn’t progressive.

  • FurryGuy

    So what is the death toll amongst the (media reported) violent TEA partiers?

    I seriously doubt the people who run the MFM have a clue what they are going to have to deal with if the revolution they keep pimping actually happened. As history shows the majority of those who advocate for Communist/Socialist revolution are liquidated when they are no longer useful to the elite few in charge.

  • Alana

    There would have been more acts of violence at Tea Parties if we hadn’t taken them by surprise by having them.

    So they didn’t get a chance to foment as much violence as they would have liked upon us.

    If we have some more rallies, though, they will be sure this time to do some real damage to us.