Democrat Senator: Slavery Was “Right For the Time” (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 4:26 PM

Guest post by Michael Strickland

us slavery

At a recent constituent coffee town hall, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley took heat from pro gun folks who were upset with his vote for the “universal background check” bill. Riley attempted to defend this in numerous different ways, including referencing Supreme Court decisions. When one citizen asked him about the Supreme Court upholding slavery back in the 1800s, Riley said “They were right for the time”.

But that wasn’t the end of it. When asked how he or anyone would know if two people were breaking the new background check law by doing a transaction in their home, be it 2 legal citizens or 2 criminals, Riley said there would be no way to know that the law was being broken. One of his staffers, Melissa Walton Hendricks, chimes in and says that the seller would be responsible if the gun were used in a crime. But when asked how anyone know who the previous owner is, she had no answer. Another woman says we need registration and more gun control to stop things like the Clackamas shooting and Sandy Hook, but then says that registration and “universal background checks” wouldn’t have stopped those criminals from stealing guns and using them to kill people.

He continued to get hammered over and over, as fed up citizens let him have it, and he basically ignores all stats that show states with these laws have more homicide and violent crime than Oregon currently has. So why is Chuck Riley following the path of more dangerous states, such as California? Give him a call at (503) 986-1715 and ask him.



Muslim Assistant Chief of Police Refuses To Salute U.S. Flag

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 1:18 PM

Guest post by DMartyr

(Top Right News)

If you can’t show proper respect to the American Flag, how can you properly respect the laws you are required to uphold?

From Miami New Times via Top Right News:

Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz was in the front row at a promotional event last week at Miami Police College to film Najiy, a 32-year-veteran of the agency, during the pledge. As other members placed their hands over their hearts, Najiy kept her arms by her sides.

In doing so, Ortiz says, she failed to exhibit courtesy and etiquette that “must be exercised when wearing a law enforcement uniform.”

“If you’re not pledging allegiance to the United States, my question is what country are you pledging allegiance to?” Ortiz says. “Anyone who isn’t offended by that is not American, because when you become a U.S. citizen, you pledge allegiance to the .US.”

Yesterday evening, Ortiz sent a letter to Chief Rodolfo Llanes outlining the event. He also suggested appropriate discipline, including Najiy’s removal from a commander position.


(Hat Tip: TROP)


Iranian Leader Khamenei Threatens Saudi Arabia: “Their Noses Will Be Rubbed in Dirt Over Yemen”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 1:17 PM

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Rouhani Khamenei threatened Saudi Arabia this week over its actions against Houthi Shiite rebels in Yemen.

Khamenei compared the Saudis to the “Zionists in Gaza” and said their chances to achieve victory in Yemen is next to zero.


Somali Muslims Rally for Accused ISIS Terrorists in Minnesota (VIDEO)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 11:02 AM

Dozens of Somali Muslims rallied at the Minnesota State Capital on Saturday in support of the six Islamists charged with suspicion of trying to join ISIS.

The protesters chanted “Islam is Peace” and “Free our bros” outside the state capital.
somali muslims isis minnesota

Here’s video from the protest:

CBS Local reported:

Dozens of local Somali families gathered at the State Capitol Saturday afternoon, calling for the release of six terror suspects.

They’re calling for the government to stop what they see as attacks against them, and say the suspects were set up.

Six local Somalis were charged this week with trying to leave the country to join the terrorist group. These four men were taken into custody in Minneapolis a week ago. Two others were arrested in San Diego.

Federal agents also arrested Mahamed Said for allegedly making threats on Twitter in response to the arrests. One tweet from his account said if the men weren’t freed, there would be a “massacre.” Another message said “Best believe I’m gonna kill for those guys if they don’t free my brothers.”

The leadership and families at Saturday’s rally denounced any retaliation because of the arrests and asked for the public to hold judgment until their sons are found guilty or not guilty.


WaPo Reporter Caught Texting on Her Phone at WHCD… During National Anthem (VIDEO)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 9:55 AM

A Washington Post columnist was caught on camera texting on her phone during the National Anthem last night at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
helena andrews

Helena Andrews said she was “taking notes” during the anthem.

What a surprise.


Baltimore Protesters Target Orioles Game – Beat Fans at Restaurant (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 9:30 AM

Hundreds of Baltimore Freddie Gray protesters targeted the Balitmore Orioles game last night at Camden Yards.
The protesters beat patrons at a local restaurant outside OPACY (Oriole Park at Camden Yards).

The far left protesters vowed to shut down the Baltimore until they get answers on the death of Freddie Gray.

The violent protesters targeted the Outfield Bar outside Camden Yard during the game last night.

The protesters targeted several bars and restaurants.

Baltimore fans were locked inside the stadium until it was safe to leave the game.

The protesters purposely targeted the Orioles game.

The protesters targeted Baltimore restaurants.

FOX News reported:

Thousands of protesters took the streets of Baltimore Saturday in the largest Freddie Gray demonstration yet as hours of peaceful marching turned violent.

At least two people were hurt in the mayhem and at least a dozen were arrested. The problems occurred near Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles were playing the Boston Red Sox. Fans were told to stay in the stadium because of public safety concerns. Prior to the game, demonstrators fought with fans at a bar.

Gray died April 19 after suffering a fatal spinal injury while in police custody. Authorities have not explained how or when Gray’s spine was injured, though police have said he should have received medical attention at the spot where he was arrested. Gray was handcuffed without a seatbelt inside a police transport vehicle, a violation of the department’s policy.

The chaotic scene Saturday night prompted the first public remarks from Freddie Gray’s twin sister, who pleaded for peace at a news conference alongside the mayor…

…A smaller “splinter group” of protesters looted a convenience store and threw tables and chairs through storefront windows, shattering the glass. One group smashed the window of a department store inside a downtown mall and, at one point, a protester tossed a flaming metal garbage can toward a line of police officers in riot gear as they tried to push back the crowd.


MASS RIOTING IN BALTIMORE – Far Left Protesters Loot, Chuck Rocks at Police, Smash Windows (VIDEO)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 12:48 AM

Peaceful Protest—
Leftists rioted, chucked rocks at police and smashed windows in Baltimore Saturday night.
baltimore riot
Peaceful leftists took to the streets of Baltimore tonight.

The protesters attacked police and smashed up windows.

The far left mob trampled police cars.
balitmore police cars

protest balitmore signs

Plenty of useful idiots came out to support the violence.

Protest leader DeRay McKesson, from Ferguson, was in attendance and promoted local looters.
deray looting

Ferguson protest leaders Deray and ShordeeDooWhop were flown in to help stir up the hatred and violence.
deray netaaaa

Deray McKesson and Johnetta Elzie (ShordeeDooWhop) who helped whip up the Ferguson mobs last year were recently named by Fortune Magazine as two of the world’s greatest leaders.

The looters demanded justice for Freddie Gray – by looting stores.

Coming soon to a town near you…


Hillary Wants To Know What Is The Most Important Issue… Oh And Don’t Forget To Send Your Money!

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Sunday, April 26, 2015, 12:37 AM

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Heh! Here’s an idea that isn’t necessarily new, but still a lot of fun:

Use Hillary’s fundraising postage-paid envelopes to tell Hillary what is on your mind as the most important issue for America’s future. Hillary wants to know if you are with her? The example posted below, uses the postage-paid envelope as a teachable moment for any volunteers opening the mail, not to mention the message you send may help to chip away at Hillary’s fundraising power when the campaign has to pay for the postage of millions Americans doing the same thing.


Added TIP: Use a black pen or sharpie to blacken out the tracking code in the lower-right corner of the message form so you won’t be removed from future mailing lists… and ignore the request to include the top form (for donation portion) along with ignoring the request to have all hard-working taxpayer citizens to pick up the tab for postage. LOL!


Gay Group Cancels Charity Event After Gay Hotel Owner Meets With Ted Cruz

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, April 25, 2015, 8:41 PM

Gay mafia strikes again–
Ian Reisner, left, and Mati Weiderpass, co-owners of The Out NYC hotel, cut the ribbon for New York’s new gay resort hotel, March 1, 2012. (Photo by Richard Drew/AP)

Less than a week after two popular gay New York City hotel owners met with Ted Cruz a gay non-profit group announced its plans to cancel an event at one of Ian Reisner’s hotel.
Brietbart reported:

On Thursday, April 23, an openly gay hotel owner remarked on his Facebook page that he had accepted the opportunity to speak with GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz about LGBT issues.

Only a few hours passed before militant gays began to attack the man for daring to even speak to Cruz. Now, a day later, a gay organization has actually canceled a charity event at the hotel over the conversation.

On his Facebook page, Hotelier Ian Reisner noted that he had a “candid conversation” about LGBT issues with Senator Cruz. While Reisner averred that he “strongly” disagrees with Cruz on those issues, he went on to sensibly and civilly say, “having an open dialogue with those who have differing political opinions is a part of what this country was founded on.”

Despite Reisner’s paean to the American way, his gay clientele firmly disagreed with his desire for dialog and their hate and invective began to fill the comments section of the Facebook post. They were incensed over the fact that the hotelier dared have a mere conversation with Cruz.

Further proving that many in the gay community refuse to even have a simple conversation with conservatives and Republicans, a gay group has now canceled a charity event because Reisner met with Senator Cruz.

On Friday, Tom Viola, Executive Director of the group Broadway Cares, a gay non-profit group that raises money to fight AIDS, announced that his organization was canceling a charity event that was scheduled to be held in Reisner’s hotel.

Ian Reisner came out of the closet while at Salomon Brothers. He spoke out about his experience in a previous video.

A boycott of Fire Island Pines Establishments and Out NYC was organized this week by the gay mafia.


Russian Hackers Breached Obama’s Email Account

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, April 25, 2015, 7:47 PM

russian hackers obama

Russian hackers breached Barack Obama’s email account in 2014. The breach included the White House’s unclassified computer system.
The New York Times reported:

Some of President Obama’s email correspondence was swept up by Russian hackers last year in a breach of the White House’s unclassified computer system that was far more intrusive and worrisome than has been publicly acknowledged, according to senior American officials briefed on the investigation.

The hackers, who also got deeply into the State Department’s unclassified system, do not appear to have penetrated closely guarded servers that control the message traffic from Mr. Obama’s BlackBerry, which he or an aide carries constantly.

But they obtained access to the email archives of people inside the White House, and perhaps some outside, with whom Mr. Obama regularly communicated. From those accounts, they reached emails that the president had sent and received, according to officials briefed on the investigation.

White House officials said that no classified networks had been compromised, and that the hackers had collected no classified information. Many senior officials have two computers in their offices, one operating on a highly secure classified network and another connected to the outside world for unclassified communications.

But officials have conceded that the unclassified system routinely contains much information that is considered highly sensitive: schedules, email exchanges with ambassadors and diplomats, discussions of pending personnel moves and legislation, and, inevitably, some debate about policy.




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