Bummer. And, they were hoping this was going to open the gates of socialism that they’ve all been dreaming of ever since public grade school.

The Occupy Movement is Dead–
Dead as a skunk on the road.

Marathon Pundit counted 5 Occupiers in Chicago this week.
Via P/Oed Patriot:

In Indiana only a couple 2 or 3 homeless people are left at the camp.

Even in New York City only a dozen or so #Occupy tools managed to make it out to protest capitalist devil Rush Limbaugh.

Let’s face it. It’s over. The movement is dead.
It died when the trash hit the dumpsters.
Good riddance, hoboes.




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  1. ++

    :lol: .. isn’t Rush an EIB Network??

    oh well, i haven’t a clue either, but i
    do know that WABC is a NY station..


  2. what are the chances of the so-called leadership of this movement slithering off with any unused donations. the oakland site deposited $20,000 in an account at wells fargo and since they had to protect themselves from themselves……all the grunt demonstrators got was a lousy teeshirt and lice while the leaders had control of the bankbook.

  3. Don’t cry. You will see them again one day soon next year. Practice call and run.

  4. Reasonable people can disagree about how many immigrants the country should welcome (I’m in the pro-immigration camp). But liberal supporters of Occupy Wall Street, many of whom have expressed solidarity with undocumented workers, must reconcile the fact that their embrace of large-scale immigration of unskilled workers is a driver of the inequality they denounce.

  5. Dead? Or assimilated into the union goon movement?

  6. In the words of Nancy Pelosi “God Bless Them”.

  7. Jeez is everyone on this site retarded or something?

  8. Hmmm, someone else said it was time for Occupy Reality.

  9. They’ve retreated back to their mothers basement. It’s cold outside now.

  10. They’ll be back, the are part of Obama 2012!

  11. You will not see this on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC or any of the trype in the leftist media. They will play old footage to make you think these slimes are still out there. Heck, they have not been out there for over 4 weeks.

    Next up, watch for the public unions to be bussed into Wisconsin to attempt to make Scott Walker their next target.

    These communists are being emboldened by the media. Jones said the next step is coming up, keep an eye out. At least in a few of the states like Wis we were able to get our voter ID passed. Time will tell.

  12. They are not dead period. They may have slithered back under the rocks, or scurried beneath the damp rotting debris. Maybe they went back to their mother’s basement, could be some of them are back in school chattering about how they felt about bringing about change. Many of them will place new clever bumper stickers on their Volvos. Then there are the acorn and union goons who will regroup and wait for their next marching orders from obama’s operatives. They will never just go away.

  13. all this occupuy bull $hit is a dry run for when the mooslum does not get re-elected…then the full guns ablazin will be comin out….arm yourselves people…this will be a full on assault

  14. It aint over until their Moms convince their dads to let them back in the house.

  15. I guess I am waiting for Louden Wainwright III to show up and play.

  16. The astroturfing creators of #OWS ordered it dismantled because the poll numbers didn’t add up.

    I see that the Occupoopers left 30 tons of trash in LA—Gaia is not happy with her children.

  17. they were becoming the face of the democratic party and that wasn’t working as well as howard dean and van jones had hoped so the party had them fold their tents. on to the next van jones stunt.

  18. So, the sentiment is gone because the camps are gone?

    That’s some brilliant deductive reasoning there, Jim.

    Frank Lunrtz doesn’t share your optomism. He’s busy instructing Republicans
    on how to talk about OWS, even going so far as to advise them not to use
    the word “Capitalism”.

  19. There is no “sentiment” Celtic.

    Just a lot of old MSM spin and tons of feces.

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