WATCH: Joe Rogan Says ‘Canada Is Communist’ And Calls Trudeau A ‘F***ing Dictator’

Joe Rogandidn’t miss his chance to take a swing atJustin Trudeau, sharing his opinions of the Canadian Prime Minister. His commentary centered around the northern country’s insane standards for public health regarding the COVID jab and the inability to function as an independent human being outside of the Prime Minister’s edicts. On Thursday, Rogan sat down with stand-up comedianTom Seguraon episode 1844 ofThe Joe Rogan Experience.

The New 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline Launches Nationwide

The nation has officially launched its new three-digit number to call for help during mental health emergencies. TheNational Suicide Prevention Lifelinefor mental health crises is now at its new home by dialing 988 from any phone. On Saturday,Vibrant Emotional Health, the nonprofit that operates the service on behalf of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), launched the 988 dialing code available to everyone across the United States.

Colorado Dems Offer Millions In Taxpayer Funded Benefits To Illegals In The State

Colorado’s Democrats, led by Governor Jared Polis, are offering up a treasure trove of the state’s resources to illegal immigrants and billing taxpayers millions to make it happen. Polis and his Democratic team of lawmakers in the state have opened public benefits like dental insurance, family services, business permits, and professional licenses to the state’s nearly300,000illegal aliens.

Here’s Your Chance To Weigh In On Biden’s Woke Title IX Revision Allowing Boys Into Girls’ Bathrooms

On Tuesday, the Biden Administration released its modern, woke revisions to the famed Title IX, which guaranteed rights for women in public schools, and will now allow men to invade their rights. The Department of Education (DOE) hasofficially proposedits extension of Title IX, a landmark civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in federally funded schools.

The World’s Third-Largest Company, Google, Is Hindered By Biden’s Economy And Slows Hiring

According toreports, Google told employees that the company will be “slowing down the pace of hiring for the rest of the year” amid an “uncertain global economic outlook.” In an email to employees, CEOSundar PichaisaidGooglewould be “pausing development” in some cases and “re-deploying resources to higher priority areas.” Insider firstreportedthe news.

In Biden’s Economy – Americans are Resorting To Microloans to Buy Gas and Groceries

With inflation at a41-year high, gas at record prices, and the cost of food and housing reaching record levels, Americans are looking for alternative methods for staying afloat as their resources are dwindling. Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) said in May that Americans had just 5.4% of their paychecks left after paying basic living expenses, leaving very little for savings.

FUTURE DEMOCRATS: Toddler Takes a Swing At Police Calling Them Racist Names and Telling Them To ‘F*** Off’ (VIDEO)

A video showing a young child cussing and taking a swing at police officers made its rounds on the internet Monday, giving a picture of the general disrespect for Police in the Minnesota capitol. In the video, you can hear the child saying, “F*** off b****!” You can see the child swinging at the officers as one of them backs away.

Activist Group Paying Tipsters For Locations Of Conservative SCOTUS Justices To Harass Them In Public

This week apublic protest of Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a Morton’s Steakhouse in DC made news, the harassment by protestors sent Kavanaugh through the rear exit, and it appears this behavior will continue. ShutDownDCannounced on Friday, following the Kavanaugh incident, that organizers would pay anyone who could tip protesters off to the locations of the conservative Supreme Court justices.