Biden’s Woke Administration Invested $1.5 Million Into Programming Transgender Inmates

According to a recent report by The Washington Free Beacon, the Department of Justice invested almost $1.5 million into a “transgender programming curriculum” focused on transgender inmates’ needs.

The curriculum is designed to help transgender inmates with their gender “identity,” sexual health, and safety.

The Justice Department disbursed the funds for an outside firm to develop a tailored program aimed at helping transgender inmates “manage identity concerns during incarceration,” according to a government summary of the contract. The contract also asks the firm to develop a program to help transgender inmates access hormone treatment after release.

The statement of work says that the program will also assist inmates seeking employment through the assistance of institutional social workers. Transgender inmates will also be informed about discrimination laws that protect them when seeking employment.

Though it’s unclear if the curriculum has been implemented, the program could be available for up to 1,200 transgender inmates, according to Justice Department estimates.

According to a 2021 Department of Justice estimate, about 1,200 transgender individuals serve sentences in federal prisons. The Biden administration spent roughly $1,250 per transgender prisoner, $50 more than COVID-19 stimulus payments.

This is the latest spending spree by the Biden White House on its transgender objectives. 

In March, the Justice Department sent a letter to all state attorneys general, warning them against restricting transgender hormone treatment for children, or they would risk a loss of federal funding for state programs. 

Biden’s State Department also announced it would allow individuals to select “X” as their gender when completing passport applications. 

The administration also released updated guidelines in January that make it easier for transgender inmates to be placed in facilities that match their “gender identity.”

In April, two women in a New York prison were impregnated by a transgender inmate. While it is unclear if the same gender-bending inmate is responsible for the two pregnancies, it signals a serious issue with woke policies infecting the nation’s prisons. 


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