Transgender, Black and Homeless Voters All Say They Regret Voting For Biden

In a new report by Fox News, the flagship people who have been the virtue signal of much of Biden’s administration are the very people expressing their regret for giving him their vote. 

In light of the continued inflation plaguing Americans, rising gas prices, and culture wars, many Americans have lost faith in Joe Biden. Many feel he is exploiting their identities, playing on sympathies, manipulating talking points, and ignoring real problems.

Zoe Nicholson, a transgender artist from St. Louis, always firmly believed in individual freedoms and responsibility, something touted by Biden.

Nicholson said she voted for Biden because he was a safe, “boring” option. She started to regret voting for him early in his presidency because he “is essentially furthering Marxist ideas in our country.”

“It really was a terrible choice,” Nicholson added.

She told Fox that witnessing cancel culture made her feel that the left doesn’t represent her as a person. She noted that she does not consider herself part of the often exploited transgender community. 

“If Trump runs again and wins the primary, he will have my vote..”

Nicholson said. Then she told Fox she “cannot see any reason why I would be voting Democrat and the next election.”

Others echoed Nicholson’s sentiments. 

Chris McCullough, a Black father of three, told Fox News, “I feel like a lot of Black people, we’re trapped in the vicious cycle of believing what Democrats tell us.”

McCullough said he grew up believing the narrative that the Democrats were the party of inclusivity and the best option for Black voters.

“I was programmed, in a sense, with that Democratic-savior type of situation,” he told Fox News. “That’s how Biden comes across – as Black people’s savior.”

“I thought that Republicans weren’t for people of color – they were just for rich White people,” he told Fox News. “That’s the way the media portrays it to be. I found out that that’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

“I found out the hard way unfortunately that Biden isn’t who he says he is,” McCullough said. “It seems like Democrats, in a sense, they just want to keep us in the same spot, in the same place, more so dependent on them, dependent on the government. We’re stagnant because of that.”

He told Fox News that Democrats “play the race card” ahead of elections to manipulate the Black voter. He also noted that if Trump were to run again, he would vote for him. 

Mikaela Stekly, a single mother from Shakopee, Minnesota, said she has suffered since Biden became president. Currently, she sleeps in her car, works four part-time jobs, and cannot afford rent in her hometown. Her six-year-old son currently lives with her parents.

“I did vote for Joe Biden because of all the promises he had made,” Stekly said. She believed Biden would follow through on campaign pledges to help impoverished Americans. 

“He basically tricked us into it because he didn’t keep any of his promises,” Stekly noted.

“He’s not helping the poor. I’m the poor and I’m getting poorer,” she said.

“I don’t want my son to have a homeless mom, but it seems like everyone’s going to be homeless soon,” Stekly told Fox. “Who knew that you’d have to have four jobs and you still can barely breathe? It’s like you can’t even live.”


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