NPR Faces Harsh Backlash After It Announces The Outlet’s Disinformation Team

The publicly-funded NPR news outlet launched a disinformation reporting team on Friday, but the outlet’s constant hypocrisy was quickly exposed.

Users across Twitter wasted no time chiming in on the consistent string of disinformation shared by the news outlet, leaving them with barely a shred of dignity. Users pointed out multiple moments of disinformation related to Hunter Biden’s laptop, Kyle Rittenhouse, and more.

Casey Morrell of NPR announced the team on Twitter, saying, “some great company news: we’re launching a disinformation team.” 

Twitter erupted with responses immediately. Much of the commentary centered around the Hunter Biden laptop story first reported by the NY Post, which NPR called a “waste of time.”

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” Sanders said of the New York Post’s report of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Gregg Re, a producer for Tucker Carlson, replied to the news, saying, “Does your managing editor still think the hunter Biden laptop is not a real story?”

Journalist Kyle Becker said, “Edit your own stupid website for disinformation first, then you can worry about policing the entire Internet. Plus, taxpayers don’t fund your Woke nonsense to infringe on the First Amendment. When the adults are back in charge, expect to answer tough questions.”

The response from John Levine, a reporter for NY Post, drew lots of attention. His response was simple, “Hey — let’s start with this one!”

One user, a former journalist pointed out that NPR had spread lies about the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting during the Black Lives Matter riots in Wisconsin. He posted their own words calling Trump’s claim that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense was made “without evidence.”

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert weighed in on the news from NPR. She said, “NPR just announced the creation of a DISINFORMATION TEAM. NPR deliberately covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story by labeling it a DISTRACTION. NPR’s first target needs to be itself.”

One user on Twitter said, “Defund NPR, not the police.”

“One government-funded agency shuts down its disinformation board, another sets one up,” joked Heritage communications’ John Cooper. 

Press Secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, said, “NPR disinformation reporter reacts to thousands of people sharing false and misleading NPR headlines: Don’t apologize for lying. Don’t issue corrections. Just ignore it until it goes away.”

Pushaw went on to point out NPR’s false reporting related to COVID and an incident with multiple Florida officials.

NPR has not offered response to the public backlash of its new team, which has received the same welcome as Nina Jankowicz and the failed disinformation board created by the Department of Homeland Security earlier this year.


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