FUTURE DEMOCRATS: Toddler Takes a Swing At Police Calling Them Racist Names and Telling Them To ‘F*** Off’ (VIDEO)

A video showing a young child cussing and taking a swing at police officers made its rounds on the internet Monday, giving a picture of the general disrespect for Police in the Minnesota capitol. 

In the video, you can hear the child saying, “F*** off b****!” 


You can see the child swinging at the officers as one of them backs away. The child, among a small group of barely clothed children on the street corner, can be heard repeating the profanity many times. 

The older child in the group encourages the youngster to continue his disrespectful behavior while he is heard using the slur “oreo headed” directed at the cops.  

According to the Daily Mail, the St. Paul, Minnesota, officers were in the area to serve a search warrant related to a recent murder. The area has seen a considerable spike in crime since it was the epicenter of the George Floyd riots in 2020. According to some sources, crime in the region has risen as much as 58% in the last two years. 

A negative sentiment regarding police has only grown, as the state’s twin cities are among those to “defund police” in response to George Floyd’s death. 

The video of the children drew lots of attention as it went viral on Twitter Monday. 

“It’s normal to a boy who has been told that his uncle or dad was murdered by the boys in blue. Totally normal,” said one user, who echoed the local sentiment about the police. 


One user, Dr. Jesse Livermore LL.M.,Ph.D., said, “What we have here is a failure to parent.” Livermore added a short clip of adults acting violently, implying that this could be the future of the children in the original video. 

Another person on Twitter said, “This is so pitiful. Absolutely sad that a person ( not parent- because obviously none of that is going on) could teach their child to act like this. It is a learned as much as it is allowed!!”


The majority of respondents to the video were similar, pointing to the children’s actions as learned behavior.

One user said, “Children who act like that live in an environment where their adults act like this on a regular basis.”

“Unfortunately it’s becoming quite normal. Kids reflect what they see, what they hear. Wokeism and political correctness has taught them to demand, to curse, to resist, to hate, to disrespect. Rules of civilized behavior were jettisoned by modern liberalism a decade ago,” said another person.

What a disgrace.

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