ALERT: Hamas Calls for Muslim Day of RECKONING TODAY in Western Nations | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

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Khaled Mashal, the former leader and founding member of Hamas, has called for a global Muslim uprising in support of Palestine. During a recent address posted on Youtube, Mashal emphasized the need for Muslims to sacrifice and carry Jihad, including the willingness to offer their blood and souls to advance the Palestinian cause.

Mashal has proclaimed the coming Friday the 13th as “the Friday of Al-Aqsa flood,” urging Muslims worldwide to display their anger not just in Muslim countries but also in diaspora communities around the world.

Now Israelis in Samaria in the West Bank are reporting armored vehicles approaching the border from Jordan.

In a time when Americans in Israel are relying on their government for support and protection, the U.S. State Department’s Consular Affairs Crisis Management System (CACMS) has left many American citizens hanging in the wind, demanding them to sign promissory notes as a precondition for any assistance in evacuating from the crisis-hit region.

On a side note, Scalise won the nominee in a 113-99 vote. It is unclear when the full House vote will take place.

WARNING: The subject matter discussed and photos include horrifying accounts of violence against infants perpetrated by Hamas that may be harmful or traumatizing to some readers.

The Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently released deeply unsettling photos as evidence of the terror inflicted by Hamas on innocent civilians in Israel, including babies. The highly sensitive and disturbing images graphically depict the inhuman brutality that has become synonymous with the militant terrorist group which governs the Gaza Strip.

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