Devon Archer Loses on All Appeals in $60 Million Securities Fraud. Will He Still Testify?

Yesterday, former business partner Devon Archer lost on all issues brought in his appeal to the United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit.  Archer had previously been released while awaiting judgement regarding the securities fraud case he was convicted in with co-defendant John Galanis.

Last month, and again earlier this week, it was announced that he would be testifying in front of the House Oversight Committee.  Many have predicted that he would testify about at least 24 instances of Joe Biden’s engagement with Hunter’s foreign business partners over the phone.

Archer’s year-long prison sentence was upheld, but it is not clear when he will turn himself in and whether or not he will still testify.


Archer’s testimony could possibly be explosive in the case that has been built and revealed to the public over the last several months by Rep. James Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley if he is still permitted to testify after the conviction.

Yesterday, a US Judge in the District Court in Delaware shelved Hunter’s “sweetheart” plea deal for willful tax evasion and an illegal gun purchase after learning that Foreign Agent Registration Act charges were not a part of the deal.  He would have faced no jail time and been granted immunity from future charges.

When Judge Maryellen Noreika asked about whether the Foreign Registered Agent Act investigation would be a part of the plea deal.  His attorneys argued there would be no plea deal if the FARA charges were a part of it.  At that point, the Judge shelved the plea deal and asked Hunter:

“Without me saying I’ll agree to the plea agreement, how do you plead?”

“Not guilty, your honor” he responded.

It was also revealed yesterday that Hunter’s lawyers allegedly misrepresented themselves as working for GOP attorney Ted Kittila’s office in a bizarre effort to get testimony sealed in the case, which would include the IRS Whistleblower testimony.

LAWLESS BEHAVIOR: Hunter Biden Legal Team Responds to Allegations of Impersonating Republican Attorney to Court Clerk, Claims It was ‘Misunderstanding’-  “There Was No Misrepresentation”




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