‘This Is The Reality Of Open Borders’: Texas Sheriffs Are Creating Makeshift Morgues To House Record Number Of Illegal Aliens’ Dead Bodies

As the number of migrants crossing the border with Mexico has surged under the Biden administration, with encounters reaching levels not seen in over two decades, the number of dead bodies found by US Customs and Border Protection is also skyrocketing.

The number of deaths at the border has reached a record high.

According to statistics compiled by UCBP, at least 782 illegal aliens have died while crossing the southern border in fiscal year 2022, eclipsing last year’s record by over 240.

The United Nations International Organization for Migration has labeled the border crossing between the US and Mexico the deadliest migration land route in the world.

Law enforcement officials have created mobile makeshift morgues to accommodate the increasing number of dead bodies found along the southern border.

In an interview withReal America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam, a sheriff details how law enforcement officials coordinate with border patrol agents to identify the bodies of the dead migrants. 

“We are in Brooke County, Texas. The sheriff just brought me over to the morgue they’ve set up. This is in response to the number of bodies, dead bodies, illegal aliens, that have died in the county that they are doing their best to try to identify,” Bergquam explains. “This is what open borders look like.”

The sheriff is seen in the video unzipping a body bag that contains an illegal alien’s skeletal remains.

With the migrant’s body disintegrated, uncovering the fingerprints from the corpse is essential to identifying the body, the sheriff explains.

“We are trying to identify the remains. We look at different things, I mean, one of the things we look at are the hands,” the sheriff said. “What I’m always looking for is to see if I can find a viable fingerprint. These are weathered, kind of leathery. I’ll have to do a two-step process, which is putting the hand — soaking it, trying to rehydrate the hands to be able to get the fingers to pump up so that we are able to get a print.

“Then from there, we won’t be able to print traditionally by rolling it. So, we do what’s called microphotography. We use a specialized lens… that brings up the ridges and everything else off of the fingerprint. We take those, submit the pictures to border patrol so they can submit… to put into their database to have their analysts to look at the fingerprints to see if they can find an identification.”



“This is the reality of open borders. Everyone that says open borders are ‘compassion,’ this is what you’re creating. That is what open borders look like,” Bergquam admonished. “I can’t express to you the smell. It’s terrible. That’s what these guys have to deal with every single day. That’s what you are inviting, more death, more destruction. The destruction of our country and the death of thousands.”

Despite the record number of border crossings and migrant deaths at the border, the Biden administration maintains the “border is secure.”


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