DA Drops Charges On Portland Autonomous Zone Occupiers, Including Felon with Body Armor, After Police Find Multiple Guns

Predictably, Multnomah County district attorney Mike Schmidt has dropped charges against all of the protesters who were arrested on Tuesday as part of the autonomous zone blockade and ensuing melee with police. The occupied zone is now being referred to RHAZ; Red House Autonomous Zone.

A press release from Portland Police on Tuesday read, in part:

Today, as Portland Police remained on the perimeter of properties in the 4400 Block of North Mississippi Avenue waiting for private contractors to fence the property, people began to gather nearby. People attempted to get inside the perimeter at various locations, despite the presence of uniformed police personnel, police vehicles and police tape. Officers also reminded people not to enter the perimeter. Officers made some arrests and reported using pepper spray in at least one instance.

As police stood on the perimeter, some were subjected to thrown objects such as rocks and paint-filled balloons.

At about 9:42 a.m., contractors finished their work and Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office personnel removed the perimeter. Portland Police gave loudspeaker announcements reminding those present not to interfere with fencing and to stay off the private property. Police completely left the area right before 10 a.m. and almost immediately, people removed a portion of the fence and entered the private property.

Portland Police returned and attempted to disperse people from the property, however, people began throwing objects at police vehicles and officers, broke police vehicle windows and flattened tires on two police vehicles. Officers disengaged and people entered the private property again. A crowd of people eventually used fencing and other materials to block North Mississippi Avenue and began stockpiling rocks.

Portland Police have remained out of the area and are monitoring the situation for the time being. We will provide updates when available.

The following are names of additional people arrested:
26-year-old Malik Farrakhan – Interfering with a peace officer, resist arrest
32-year-old Benjamin Einhorn – Interfering a with a peace officer
31-year-old Coral Cloutman – Disorderly Conduct II
24-year-old Stephen Wiens – Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering a with peace officer
23-year-old Marshall Piotcowski – Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering a with peace officer
26-year-old Alicxandra Blake Lucero – Interfere with a peace officer, Resist Arrest, Trespass II

Those arrested were in addition to a previous list:

41-year-old Charles Stubbs — Trespass II
44-year-old Lester Wrecksie — Trespass II
40-year-old Joshua Rodgers — Trespass II
25-year-old Jonathan Lalej — Trespass II
31-year-old Matthew Stewart — Trespass II
43-year-old Christopher Wilkins — Trespass II
31-year-old Nicholas Piochei — Trespass II, Resist Arrest

We’ve searched the court records, and charges have been dismissed against each person listed. Charles Stubbs was also facing charges of Felon in Possession Of Body Armor.

Here are a few screenshots from the court records:

Lester Lou Wrecksie had previously been known as Teresa Lou Gronwoldt, and was arrested previously during one of the riots over the summer. Charges were dropped, of course.

Police also posted pictures post-melee, featuring smashed out SUV cruiser windows and firearms that were recovered:

The latest on the autonomous occupation zone via KPTV:

In this other video compilation you can see the level of fortification that the terrorists have achieved, with multiple levels of reinforced barricades, spike strips, and other debris.


Note the prevalent use of saran wrap layered and stretched between telephone poles. This is to trap any vehicles that attempt to careen through the barricade, as the wrap has just enough elasticity to not break or pull down a telephone poles, but with enough layers it has enough strength to repel a vehicle:

UPDATE: The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office has contacted Gateway Pundit to provide more info on the above mentioned cases. They have provided us the reasons why some cases haven’t moved forward:

No record found Marshall Piotcowski No record found

Matthew Stewart 2430380 20CR66804 Rejected – Insufficient Evidence

Michael Paul Jordan Kinney 2430376 20CR66801 Rejected – Request for Investigative follow up from law enforcement

Nicholas Piochei 2430403 20CR66803 Pending Review

Omari Brunson 2430376 20CR66809 Rejected – Request for Investigative follow up from law enforcement

Patrick Hafer 2430376 20CR66802 Rejected – Request for Investigative follow up from law enforcement

Stephen Wiens No record found

Teresa Lou Gronwoldt 2430404 20CR66799 Rejected – Insufficient Evidence

William Kinney 2430376 20CR66808 Rejected – Request for Investigative follow up from law enforcement

That information is copied and pasted directly from the email they sent us. Note that some of the names are new and were not previously mentioned in the police press releases. Others say “no record found” which is consistent with what we found in the court records on some of them, which means cases never even existed for some of them. Also note the Nicholas Piochei case, which they claim is “pending review” but court records show no complaint and the case closed. Most of the particular individuals’ cases say closed, as evidenced by the above screen captures from other records.


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