Trudeau On SEVENTH Straight Vacation Day, Despite Danforth Terror Attack. Goes Surfing Instead Of Managing Crisis

After this past Sunday’s terror attack in Danforth in Toronto, Canada’s Prime Bro-minister, Justin Trudeau, is on his seventh straight vacation day, bro-ing it up on the beaches of B.C. with his surf bros. The, *ahem*, “personal” days began on Saturday, July 21st, the day before the shooting. He hasn’t come back yet. This is your politician on socialism.

In fact, it doesn’t look like Trudeau has made a single media appearance to send his condolences to the victims and their families. YouTube searches come up empty. His Twitter page makes little mention of tragedy, releasing only one statement:

CTV News managed to get some video of Trudeau rippin the waves.

Some are taking to Twitter to criticize Canada’s Bro In Chief for being MIA during this crucial time.

Apparently Castreau has taken over 20 vacation days so far this year, essentially meaning he only works 4 days a week.

H/T to Spencer Fernando, who adds “You would think that the horrific Toronto mass shooting would have brought him back to work, addressing the obvious need for increased security in our cities, speaking to the nation, and making his presence felt as the country mourns.”

Contrast this with President Trump, who flew to Parkland, Florida, and met with the families and victims of the school shooting there just two days after the tragedy.


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