Over One Million Americans Receive ‘Trump Bonus’ or Raise Following Historic Tax Reform

Over one million American workers have already received bonuses or raises in response to President Donald Trump’s historic tax reform passing.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The amazing news was announced in a statement from the White House Press Office on Friday evening.

“More than one million hardworking Americans have already received a ‘Trump Bonus’ or ‘Trump Pay Raise’ as a result of the historic tax reform package that President Donald J. Trump signed into law just before Christmas,” the statement began.

“President Trump said from the beginning that lowering tax rates, simplifying the complicated tax code, and making our companies more competitive would be the fuel that propels our economy to new heights,” the statement continued. “The preliminary results show that the President is right, and American workers and families are the big winners.  And this is only the beginning.  The President remains focused on empowering Americans to build more prosperous lives for themselves and brighter futures for their children.”

The number of companies who provided bonuses had jumped to over 100 by Thursday.

“Small businesses from across the country are sending me news of their tax-cut bonuses, wage hikes, and charitable donations. Many of these were only announced internally. There is a broad and deep tsunami building,” John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform told the Washington Examiner. His organization is currently tracking the companies who have surprised their workers with the extra funds.

ATR’s President Grover Norquist told the Examiner that the bonuses are helping to nullify the attacks from Democrats on the tax plan.

“Every announcement of another company raising wages, hiring, paying bonuses, investing in America is another nail in the coffin of the Democrat attacks on the Republican tax cut. This drip, drip, drip is added to the daily reports on stock market gains, the bigger checks in pay envelopes and the jump in your 401K and IRA,” Norquist said.


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