House Majority Leader Steve Scalise Diagnosed With Blood Cancer

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has announced that he had been diagnosed with a “very treatable blood cancer.” The cancer was discovered after Scalise said he experienced “a few days of not feeling like myself this past week.” A test from his doctor uncovered some irregularities, and after undergoing additional tests, he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which he said is “a very treatable blood cancer.” “I have now begun treatment, which will continue for the next several months,” Scalise wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as .

An picture of Tafari Campbell from his widow's Instagram post.

Police Records Obtained By Judicial Watch Show Obama’s Chef’s Clothing Were Found ‘Separate From the Body’

Judicial Watch has obtained 18 pages of records through the Massachusetts Public Records Law that reveal Obama’s deceased Personal Chef Tafari Campbell’s clothes were found “separate from the body.” The ton Police Department records also reveal that the Secret Service reported Campbell missing and that his body was found using sonar.