ALABAMA RESULTS: GOP Turnout 50% of 2016; Democrat Turnout 92% of 2016=> Total of All Votes Match Trump 2016 Total


In 2016 Republican Donald Trump won Alabama with 62% of the vote.
Trump had 1,318,255 votes
Hillary had 729,547 votes

On Tuesday night Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for US senate.

In 2017 Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama senate seat with 49.9% of the vote to 48.4% of the vote.
Democrat Doug Jones had 671,151 votes
Republican Roy Moore had 650,436 votes

Via The New York Times:

Republicans (Roy Moore) lost 667,819 votes — or 50% of 2016 vote

Democrats (Doug Jones) lost 58,396 votes — or .08% of 2016 vote

Democrat turnout in the special election — once they smelled blood — WAS ENORMOUS!

More…  The total of all votes cast matched Donald Trumps 2016 total.

Trump had 1,318,255 votes in 2016

Moore and Jones had 1,321,587 votes on Tuesday.

The total number of write-ins was 22,819 — enough to swing the election to Judge Moore.

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