On Tuesday Alabama voters will choose their next US Senator — Judge Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones

The polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Democrats and Republican elites threw every piece of trash they could find at Judge Roy Moore.
Today Roy Moore rode horseback with his wife Kayla to the polling station.

Moore told voters: It’s me or the “media lynch mob.”

We will be updating election results throughout the night.

Democrats are excited that black turnout is at 30%.

The Washington Post has been denied access to Roy Moore’s election party.

UPDATE: The polls closed in Alabama at 8 PM Central.

The New York Times and Politico have live election results.

UPDATE: With less than 1% reporting Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by 18%.

UPDATE: It’s been a half hour and less than 1% of the results have been reported?
Doug Jones: 59.5%
Roy Moore: 40.2%

These exit polls are BRUTAL…

UPDATE: With 3% reporting Moore has cut the spread to 10 points.
Doug Jones Democrat 21,666 54.6%
Roy Moore Republican 17,652 44.5

UPDATE: With 4% reporting… It’s a 1.2% gap

Doug Jones Democrat 25,530 50.0%
Roy Moore Republican 24,942 48.8

UPDATE— 5% reporting — ROY MOORE TAKES LEAD!!!

UPDATE: With 7% of precincts reporting Moore takes 8 point lead!!
Roy Moore Republican 46,439 53.1%
Doug Jones Democrat 39,689 45.4

UPDATE: (9 PM ET) With 15% reporting Moore holds a 1.5 percentage point lead.
Roy Moore Republican 75,384 50.1%
Doug Jones Democrat 73,177 48.6
The New York Times is giving Moore a 54% chance of winning.

UPDATE: (9:10 PM ET) Moore takes 7 point lead with 23% reporting.

UPDATE: (9:15 ET) Roy Moore holds 5% lead with 33 precincts reporting.
Roy Moore Republican 180,012 52.1%
Doug Jones Democrat 161,198 46.6

UPDATE: NYT Gives Doug Jones a 75% chance of winning!!

UPDATE: (9:23 PM ET) Roy Moore holds 6 point lead with 43 percent reporting.
Roy Moore Republican 232,578 52.1%
Doug Jones Democrat 207,661 46.5

(9:28 PM ET) Roy Moore holds 4 point lead.
Roy Moore Republican 264,419 51.2%
Doug Jones Democrat 245,679 47.5

UPDATE: (9:33 PM ET) Roy Moore holds 7 point lead.

Roy Moore Republican 323,314 52.7%
Doug Jones Democrat 281,190 45.9

UPDATE: (9:40 PM ET) Roy Moore holds 7% lead with 64% reporting.
Roy Moore Republican 358,927 53.0%
Doug Jones Democrat 308,250 45.5

UPDATE: With 68% reporting Moore up by 8 points.
Roy Moore Republican 384,124 53.5%
Doug Jones Democrat 324,211 45.1

UPDATE: (9:50 ET)With 71% reporting Moore holds a 5% lead.
Roy Moore Republican 418,463 51.7%
Doug Jones Democrat 379,327 46.9

UPDATE:: (10 PM ET) With 77% reporting Moore holds a 3% lead.
Roy Moore Republican 447,466 50.8%
Doug Jones Democrat 420,774 47.8

UPDATE: In 2016 election Donald Trump had over 1.3 million votes in Alabama. So that shows you where the turnout was tonight.

UPDATE: (10:07 PM) With 85% reporting Roy Moore holds a .4% lead.
Roy Moore Republican 510,308 49.4%
Doug Jones Democrat 506,451 49.0


UPDATE: With 87% reporting it’s tied up.

UPDATE: (10:222 PM ET) Doug Jones takes leads.
Doug Jones Democrat 569,114 49.6%
Roy Moore Republican 560,804 48.8


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