REALLY? Illegal Immigrant Group Proposes THEIR OWN BILL OF RIGHTS

Bill of Rights pic

As a thought experiment, imagine illegally entering Mexico or a country in the Middle East and demanding a special set of rights. How do you think that would work out?

Stephen Dinan reports a the Washington Times:

Illegal immigrants release ‘Bill of Rights’

An immigrant-rights group proposed a “Bill of Rights” for illegal immigrants Thursday, demanding that Americans recognize there are millions already in the country who deserve health care, in-state tuition rates for college and a guarantee of citizenship in the long term.

The list of demands runs 10 items long — the same as the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights — and also calls for an end to arrests and deportations for “all law-abiding undocumented Americans.”

The document was circulated by United We Stay, which is a group of illegal immigrants, first generation Americans and human rights activists pushing for changes to immigration law.

“We know we have human rights, even though our very presence is deemed illegal and our existence alien. Now we have our own Bill of Rights and we want it to be the framework for every immigration decision going forward from the local to the national level,” the group said in a statement announcing their demands.

The 10 points include a demand that they be accorded respect; calls for citizenship rights and an immediate deferment of deportations; in-state tuition at public colleges; “wage equality”; medical care; and protection against deportation if illegal immigrants report a crime as a witness.

Read the rest here.

As mentioned above, the group is called United We Stay and this image is from their website:

Bill of rights immigrants

A recent post on the site’s blog completely dismisses American immigration law:

Myth: They Should Get in Line and Enter the Country Like Our Ancestors

The real problem is not so much how immigrants enter the U.S.; it’s how hard the nation makes it for us to stay and work toward legal status. We’re already here — 11 million of us who aren’t documented. Spending billions more on border security before addressing a path to legal residency or citizenship makes no sense.

This raises a classic question for the left.

If America is so awful, why is the whole world trying to come here?


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