WAYNE ROOT: I Have a Life or Death Question for Damar Hamlin: “Were You Vaccinated & Boosted?” Everyone Wants to Know.

By Wayne Allyn Root I have compiled perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive list of data from across the globe that shows deaths rates have skyrocketed since the introduction of the Covid vaccine…death rates are the highest in highly vaccinated countries…death rates are far higher in every age group among the vaccinated vs.

WAYNE ROOT: The Kevin McCarthy Saga: The Biggest Story of the Week is the Biggest Example of the Gaslighting of America. And I Have the Solution…Trump.

By Wayne Allyn Root I have talked extensively for two years now about the nonstop gaslighting, brainwashing and propaganda going on in America-a conspiracy of government (in particular, the DOJ and FBI), media, social media, Hollywood, and of course, the UniParty (Democrats combined with RINO fraud Republicans).