Wayne Allyn Root with the Most Important Stories in America: Wayne Covers the Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 with Russian Nukes at Our Doorstep… the End of the American Dollar… and Much More! (VIDEO)

Wayne Allyn Root with the most important stories in America: Wayne covers the Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 with Russian nukes at our doorstep… the end of the American dollar… an MD confesses recommending the Covid vaccine was a terrible and deadly mistake… and Wayne warns about the threat of terrorist attacks coming soon to USA.

WAYNE ROOT: Hell Yes, This is “The Great Replacement.” That’s Why Social Media & the Entire Mainstream Media are So Scared of My Speech That It’s Been Banned, Censored & Demonized Everywhere. Here It Is.

By Wayne Allyn Root I gave a speech a few days ago about open borders, why it’s happening, who benefits, and what’s behind it- “The Great Replacement.” My speech was delivered at a conservative conference put on by and attended by sheriffs from across the USA.

“Let My People Go” Viewed by Millions through Viral Marketing Campaign – Long Form Interviews with Experts Now Being Released

The most censored film in America, “Let My People Go” has quietly generated well over 1 million views on Rumble with dozens of small-to-medium influencer accounts uploading the film in its entirety, and has earned upwards of 8 million views across different social media platforms after the film was essentially given away by its creator, former law professor David K.