(Facepalm) U.S. Senate Candidate From Cali Says Climate Change Is Gonna Kill Us All (VIDEO)

Nut(Image screenshot MSNBC)

Tongue and cheek humor is usually easily identifiable. That is unless it comes out of the mouth of a U.S. Senate Candidate who is solely running on the platform of stopping Climate Change and happens to hail from the Progressive state of Make-Believe (also known as California to the rest of us).

But that is the case with Mike Beitiks. Running on the platform of stationing the military in people’s yards just to make sure citizens do not travel unnecessarily and on banning all private ownership of cars (just to name a few), Mike’s promotional video from his campaign website states that he wants to do these things because he believes if drastic action isn’t taken to stop Climate Change, we are all going to die:


California. If you’re like Mike Beitiks you’ve looked at our beautiful, vibrant state and thought, Wow, Climate Change is going to kill us all.

The Pacific is rising. Droughts and wildfires are here to stay and our beloved home is on the verge of uninhabitablity.

If you’d like a Senator who will make something resembling an honest effort to stop global warming, vote for Mike Beitiks…”

Video below:

During a recent interview with MSNBC it was revealed that while Mike is joking about some things, he is also deadly serious:

Beitiks is joking, of course, but he’s also deadly serious. The 31-year-old surfer, lawyer, and father of two is acting rationally irrational, he tells msnbc. His plan is to use absurdity to fight the absurdity of our political response to global warming. And his lark is starting to pay off.
With a year still to go before the Democratic primary, Beitiks is on track to easily make the ballot, forcing millions of Californians to confront his wild and crazy idea of being a politician who will “not do nothing” on climate change.

“It comes from a very honest and sad place,” Beitiks says of his campaign. “I’m just a regular dude. But I have a son who has never lived in a non-drought California and a new daughter and, like a lot of people, I haven’t seen any political reaction that I find satisfactory, or even close to satisfactory.”

This past Earth Day, Beitiks decided to fill the political void himself, albeit with his own winking style. He may be the only 2016 Senate candidate to appear shirtless on his campaign webpage. He’s definitely the only politician to rally support behind what might be described as a green police state.

While Mr. Beitiks claims to only be joking, the plan for a Green Police State isn’t fairy tale fiction. One of the key components to that concept is in fact Agenda 21. And unfortunately, unlike Mike’s campaign, that isn’t a laughing matter.

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