Hero Obama to Cut Golf Game Short… Will Return to DC to Deal With Fiscal Cliff

Barack Obama will cut his vacation short and fly back to Washington DC to deal with fiscal cliff.
Suddenly, he wants to get serious.
Voice of America reported, via Free Republic:

U.S. President Barack Obama is cutting short his vacation in the Pacific state of Hawaii and will return to Washington to resume talks with congressional leaders aimed at reaching agreement on a deficit reduction package before the year ends.

The White House says Obama will leave Wednesday and is expected to arrive back in Washington early Thursday.

Early last week, the president said he and Republican House Speaker John Boehner were relatively close to an agreement on a compromise to avert what is being called a “fiscal cliff” — $500 billion in mandated spending cuts and tax increases that would affect almost all American workers starting January 1. But by the end of last week, those efforts were in disarray as lawmakers fled Washington for their Christmas holiday break.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Why is Barack doing that? He could just have easily flown Boehner to Hawaii aboard luxurious AirForce 1 for a round of golf and gotten Boehner to agree to every single agenda item on Barack’s wish list.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    Pure theater. We still go over the cliff, as planned, but he looks like a hero by cutting short his vacation. I hate him.

  • mn jim

    I prefer that he stay in his adopted Hawaii and leave running the country to the adults.

  • Dan in Not Chicago, Illinois

    Exactly Paul! See, he gave up his vacation to “try” to fix this fiscal cliff problem, it was the other side who wouldn’t work with him by giving in to his every demand to raise taxes and not cut but increase spending.

    Obama is just like my ex-wife; their idea of give and take is we give, they take.

  • shadow

    And had Obama stayed in Hawaii you’d be b!tching about that. You people b!tch regardless of what he does.

  • Objective Analysis

    Liar in chief will do anything to make him be teflon. Anything else.

  • FMB42

    More stagged drama from the Dem/Rep production company.

    Meanwhile, Obama should not have taken a Hawaiian vacation at this time anyway.

    Btw, how many Hawaiian vacations has Obama taken now?

    The sad thing is that Obama was “too busy” playing politics to visit his own mother on her Hawaiian death bed.

    But he’s “good to go” (on vacation to Hawaii) when the country is on the verge of a financial disaster.

    No amount of Obama rear-end kissing can cover-up this guy’s bankrupt family morals, let alone his questionable work ethic.

  • Linda


  • http://! l.barney

    Yeah, he’s a “hero” alright-to those people that voted for him!

  • noway

    shadow commented:

    And had Obama stayed in Hawaii you’d be b!tching about that. You people b!tch regardless of what he does.

    well shadow if he were a real president and cared about our welfare, we”d feel different. till then prepare to dine on whine. got it!



  • Bubba

    I was over at the relatives on Christmas, and was forced to sit through the nightly news MSM broadcasts, and something pathetically amazing stood out.

    Christmas day. Ultra slow news day, after you get past the usual bad weather stories. And yet, there was not one single solitary mention of how Obama spent the day. Not on ABC, NBC, or CBS. It was an amazing display of the collusion of the media with this banana republic administration.

    They just were not going to show Obama living it up on Hawaii (or even mention it, without any video) while the nation shivers mired in an economic funk, and the nation rolls along to the fiscal cliff.

    Granted, I haven’t watched the MSM in years, but in all the time I was watching it (and I’m a news junkie, so it was all the time), I never remember a year where there wasn’t some mention of how the POTUS and his family spent Christmas day.

    Just absolutely amazing. The admin didn’t want it, they let the media know, and there was a complete black out on Obama’s whereabouts on Christmas day.

  • Jaimo

    Hey Shadow, stfu and go away. Douche

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …but he looks like a hero by cutting short his vacation.

    Not to anyone with any shred of intelligence.

    And had Obama stayed in Hawaii you’d be b!tching about that.

    It should warm your heart to know that I wouldn’t. You see, he was already stupid enough to even go there to begin with, in the face of the looming deadline, after all the wailing about this “fiscal cliff” business. Thus he basically told the whole country that it’s not the big deal that it’s being made out to be, so whether he stays or comes back means nothing. Others will certainly disagree, and they’re free to do so.

  • Gimme Stuff

    OMG de messiah done has arized. He be pullen dem voters away from de cliff. Mmm mmm mmm.

  • American Woman

    Seriously, who in their right mind expects Obama to fix anything? He is incompetence personified.

    What did he “fix” during his first four years in office? What did he “fix” as a US Senator? What did he “fix” as an Illinois Senator? Answer: Nothing, Zero, Nada.

  • cc

    Just go away, Obama. I’m just hearing about the new loan regulations and how the government owns 90% or our housing….this country is so doomed, and still people don’t care!!

  • Look-Out

    Now the BONUS in all this is that his solo return will cost us hundreds of thousands more than if he returns with Mooch and the girls.

    Stickin’ it to the taxpayer, draining the treasury…we’re havin’ fun now!

  • jorgen

    Maybe he and Reid will present a budget?