Obama Supporters Celebrate: “No More Israel!… Kill Those MotherF*ckers!” (Video)

Obama supporters were not only drunk and obnoxious last night in Chicago…
They also were happy about the prospect of no more Israel.
“Kill those motherf*ckers!”
Another amazing video by Rebel Pundit:

Barack Obama won 69% of the Jewish vote last night.

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  • Rachelle

    I hope the Jews who voted for Obama take note of this.

    But they probably won’t.

  • Katielee

    #2 Rachelle. No kidding! But they won’t . I don’t quite get the disconnect. It’s like those who want lower taxes, smaller less intrusive government—and voted for Obama.

  • Mad Hatter


    When you have 69% of self hating people voting for someone who is more worried about the Muslims that attack Israel, than he is worried about Israel that’s being attacked by the Muslims, chances are, they would side with these punks.

  • Linda

    No more Israel…IT WILL…NEVER…HAPPEN!

  • Patty

    An ignoramus, another BO BO voter.

    who needs him?

  • Ghost

    I’m glad I watched this, it was very enlightening. My crowd was never this stupid.
    I know it’s not everybody, but it doesn’t have to be everybody just enoughbody.
    Know your enemy.

  • Buffalobob

    Somewhere it is written, “you reap what you sow, hum.

  • Patriot Deamer

    At some point, the destruction of Israel will be attempted but will fail in dramatic fashion. The people in the video are just acting like idiots because that’s what idiots do.

  • lainer51

    Typical Blow voter

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    A line of Jews is being marched to the gas chamber. One jew says to the jew in front of him. “Screw this, let’s jump the guards and fight back. I’ll take the guard on the left, you take the guard on the right” Jew #2 turns to him and says ” Be quiet, you’re going to get us in trouble”

    It just appears to me that the American Jew is completely OK with the eventual destruction of Isreal with help from Obama.

    It really Boggles my mind.

    Proud Supprter of Isreal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Huck2016 MikeSopes
  • Will

    Among the world’s greatest musicians, doctors, physicists, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists, the Jews have held top honors. When it comes to politics…MORONS!

  • KatB

    Peter Stuyvesant’s anti-Semitic legacy comes home to roost. Ever since the mid-1600’s, the Jews in America have been culturally paranoid of not fitting in with the prevailing social norm. it meant life or death or those who had fled the Dutch-Jewish settlement in Brazil ahead of the Inquisition. They arrived by ship, indigent and unable to pay their passage, causing a headache for New Amsterdam Gov. Stuyvesant. Finally Stuyvesant allowed them to stay if they did not become a burden. Have you ever heard of a Jew on welfare? In New York?

  • Robert Fleischer

    To think that it was so many Jews that marched at Selma, etc., and have SO supported the blacks. We shall see how many Jews change from Democrats and voting Democratic, as they have for so many decades……….

  • Rainmom

    Did anyone understand what the first guy was saying? (other than the cuss words)

  • crackermike

    Looks like Sharia Law is coming to America. The more I think about it, the more it seems palatable. No financial interest, which rules out the banks controlling things Complete control over the women folk. Your wife giving you trouble? just beat her a$$ into submission and if she goes to the cops, they will slap her around too and tell her she’s lucky you didn’t kill her. She can’t drive anywhere or spend any money without your express permission. Want to divorce the biotch and replace her with one or two fine young foxes? no problem, just declare it so and keep the kids, or if you wish, make her keep them and forget about any damn support or alimony. You’re the king and she’s a worthless subhuman unworthy of having her testimony recognized in court. No kidding, this Sharia is looking pretty good,.. better all the time. Rosie O’Donnell piss you off? throttle the biotch and tell the Sharia Judge she’s nothing but a damn Lezbo unworthy of the Holy Koran or Hadith and you were doing Allah’s will by beating the $hit outta her. Sharia?? f#ck Yeah!!

  • Mike

    This is video clips the person preempted the conversation about Israel to goad a response. They got exactly what they wanted by asking uninformed kids to weigh in. Dumb? Of course. Reactionary? Absolutely….but so are you for falling for an elementary media rouse. Does anyone of you actually believe that our presidents view is mirrored by the idiots interviewed?

  • Mike

    Never mind… I can see from your fully indoctrinate posts chuck full of propaganda and conspiracies that this video was made strictly for political masturbation. Make sure you wash up after.

  • Woody Pfister

    The “uninformed kids” are Obama’s base.