FBI Now Has Less Than 3 Months to Produce Seth Rich Material

After four years of lies and denials by the FBI, the wheels of justice appear to be producing results on what the FBI knew about Seth Rich. Attorney Ty Clevenger learned today that his motion to compel the FBI to produce the files it had been hiding regarding the murder of Seth Rich be produced by April 23, 2021:

MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER. It is therefore ORDERED that Defendants’ Motion to Stay Scheduling Order Deadlines (Dkt. [10]) is hereby GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. It is FURTHER ORDERED the Scheduling Order in this case is amended as follows: April 23, 2021 Deadline for Defendants’ Complete Production of Documents and Vaughn Index;

(See Case # 4:20-cv-00447-ALM

I know there is enormous distrust and frustration over the almost utter failure of the Department of Justice and the Courts to play fair and do the right thing. But at least this judge is not playing along with the Deep State. The Judge gave the FBI 82 days to produce all material in their possession that mentions the name Seth Rich.

The mere fact that the FBI has been hiding documentary evidence they collected on the Seth Rich matter completely explodes as bullshit the claim that Seth Rich had nothing to do with the hack of the DNC server. It is now beyond disputre that the section of the FBI involved in Foreign Counter Intelligence (FCI) was snooping about. You do not bring in the FBI FCI people to investigate a conventional robbery/murder.

Bit by bit, the truth is coming out. Hang in there.


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