Larry Johnson: Here Is What I See as The Strengths and Weaknesses of Mike Lindell’s Movie “Absolute Proof”

Disclaimer: We hear your feedback and noticed the comments below. We want to be clear, this is not an attack on Mike Lindell. We 100% support Mike’s efforts to expose the historic electoral fraud from the 2020 election. We also believe his efforts are courageous. Mike put it all on the line. This was intended as a handy guide to the substance that was delivered in “Absolute Proof.” You can decide for yourself.

Let me state up front that I admire and like Mike Lindell. He is a good, decent man with an honest heart. But those qualities do not excuse the sloppiness and lack of focus in his latest effort to present “evidence” about the electronic theft of the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump. Mr. Lindell made a good start but failed to have a tight script, which produces a meandering video account that lands an occasional punch.

Notwithstanding the media and establishment mantra that there is no evidence of fraud and that anyone who insists to the contrary is either mentally ill or a conspiracy theorist keen on wearing a tinfoil helmet, the facts show otherwise. Unfortunately, the full scope of this evidence has not been publicly presented and methodically briefed. I want to be perfectly clear–the election was filled with fraud and outside interference. Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him are victims of a massive crime. This includes the use of counterfeit “mail-in” ballots that were never processed through the USPS and the use of voting machines that were connected to the internet and communicating with entities outside the United States.

I was hoping that Mike Lindell’s video, Absolute Proof, would be a significant step in marshaling the evidence. But my hopes go unrealized. Mike Lindell does little in this video to move the matter forward in the compelling way required to seize the attention of America. I am not attacking Mike. His good intentions simply did not get put into action with content that would justify the title of the video.

Here is what I see as the strength and weaknesses of Absolute Proof. During the first 12 minutes of the two hour video (1:59:58 to be precise) Mike Lindell speaks extemporaneously and passionately about the fraud and promises that you, the viewer, will see”Absolute Proof.” While he is truly speaking from the heart, his presentation is disjointed and rambling. He needed to hire writers and a director to put together the blockbuster presentation that he promised. He is largely preaching to the choir.

The following experts appear in the following order:

12:40 to 23:53 COLONEL PHIL WALDRON, Working with Allied Security Operations Group in Dallas.
The good Colonel talks in generalities without presenting documentary evidence. For example, he states that Dominion is controlled by the Chinese via a Private Equity Firm that owns Dominion and that Dominion’s Testing Company for Dominion is a Chinese Company (run by CCP). Ok. Show the viewer the actual documents that buttress these claims. He also mentions foreign servers in Barcelona, Uk and Frankfurt  (e.g., “We mapped out servers (SCYTL) in Frankfurt—DENIX.”) and spikes in volume of traffic between those servers and the United States. Well and good. But what did that activity consist of and what is the proof of the substance/content of the activity? That question is left hanging.

23:54 to 49:19 RUSSELL RAMSLAND—Ramsland’s favorite word is, “horrifying.” He repeats that word throughout the interview with Lindell but never puts meat on the bone. He starts off discussing activity he saw in 2018 of ES&S machines manipulating data/votes in Texas and his subsequent and fruitless struggle to get the Feds (i.e., Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice) to look at the evidence in Texas and do something. The Feds refused to act and shutdown the Texas investigation in September 2020.
DHS Intelligence & Analysis Division.
Ramsland then talks about his company’s forensic work in Antrim County Michigan examining Dominion machines. But once again the discussion is generic and lacking the kind of documentary or visual exhibits that show Ramsland is not just offering up his opinion. He states that  82% of the ballots in Antrim County, Michigan were adjudicated and that 93.6% met the same fate in Fulton County, Georgia. Yet, there is no corroborating document for the viewer to see.

It is essential in telling this kind of story for the filmmaker to show you the actual documents or graphics that confirm what is being said by an expert/witness. For example, Ramsland states that SCYTL owns CLARITY ELECTION NIGHT REPORTING but shows no document or link to any such acquisition. A viewer not steeped in the election controversy might find Ramsland interesting, but not slam dunk persuasive.

49:20  to 1:02:01 DR. SHIVA AYYADURAI—Dr. Shiva is a true genius. Lindell’s 12 minute interview with Shiva focuses on how Dominion machines appear (emphasize APPEAR) to have been used to defeat him in a GOP primary election. He says that he lost the primary because an algorithm was used to provide weighted vote tallies to his opponent. Paper ballot converted to ballot image. Machine counts image. He says that he “proved that state deleted ballot images” and that his votes were multiplied by .666 and his opponent’s votes were multiplied by 1.3. Once again, no documentary evidence to back up Dr. Ayyadurai’s testimony.

1:02:02 to 1:04:48  PATRICK COLBECK (State Senator Michigan) Poll challenger. He testifies, “We saw evidence that voting machines connected to internet.” Colbeck’s testimony is relevant evidence. But, if he went to court as a witness, he would have to explain how he knew it was connected to the internet. Just seeing an ethernet cable plugged into a machine is not final proof. I am not questioning Senator Colbeck’s veracity. Rather, I am trying to help you understand the kind of detailed testimony that is needed to make the case for fraud.

1:04:50 TO 1:08:18 MELISSA CARONE—Melisssa, in my view, was the first person in this video to offer solid evidence. Her evidence comes in the form of sworn testimony regarding what she witnessed over a an extended time period. Hired by Dominion. Her job was to walk along rows of the tabulating machines. Every vote was for Joe Biden over a 20 hour time period. When ballots jammed, they were reinserted along with other ballots that had passed thru the tabulating machine.

Carone’s testimony also highlights the confusion in Lindell’s narrative. Were the Dominion machines flipping votes because they were connected to the internet or was Biden’s tally being run up because ballots with only Biden’s name on it were being put through machines multiple times. If you are doing the latter you do not need to do the former necessarily.

1:08:20 to 1:26:10 MATT DEPERNO—DePerno is the star of the video–deservedly so–because he is laser like in focusing on the evidence. DePerno filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bill Bailey challenging school board election. Showed in one precinct in Antrim County, Michigan that initial machine votes went for Biden but, using a hand count, the votes that were logged for Biden actually were for Trump. In Kearney Township Precinct 1, for example, the machine tabulated 744 votes for Biden and 16 for Trump. In a subsequent hand count, Biden’s vote total was 470 and Trump’s was 743.
In Antrim County, the initial machine tabulation gave 7769 votes to Biden and 4509 to Trump. In a subsequent hand count, Biden’s total was 5959 (1810 fewer votes) and Trump’s was 9759 (an increase of 5250). Initial total machine ballots totaled 12,278. Final hand count totaled 15,718. This is a difference of 3,440 votes.
Deperno subsequently received a Judicial order to capture the forensic images of the Dominion voting machines.
His team’ss forensic examination of the machines revealed a complete failure to properly follow procedures and securely transfer the votes. Moreover, DePerno showed that the Dominion manual explains how to connect the machine to the internet. On Nov 4 and 11:03pm system files and adjudication files were deleted from Dominion system.

DePerno makes it clear that the CEO of Dominion, John Poulos, lied to the Michigan Senate in sworn testimony. Poulos made the following statements:

  •  there were no switched or deleted votes involving Dominion machines,” said Poulos.
  • “There were no algorithm that enabled fractional voting.”
  • “There are no evidence and voting machines were not corrupted to alter this election.”
  • “One of the audits that an independent test authority accredited by the EAC can perform, is a test to look at whether or not that computer was connected to the internet, which of course, it’s designed not to.”As shown in the previous paragraphs, DePerno’s audit of Antrim County, Michigan showed conclusively that votes were switched and deleted, that votes were inaccurately calculated and that the machines were connected to the internet. Moroever, DePerno proffers Dominion’s own manual, which lists the steps and procedures to connect the machines to the internet.

Another problem identified by DePerno, which is an indicator of fraud, is the astronomically high error rate for ballots requiring “adjudication.” Normally, adjudication percentages are less than 5%. In the case of Dominion the calculated ballots showed a 68% error rate. That is not human error, it is machine error.

1:26:11 to 1:28:04 ERIC COOMER, Director of Product Strategy and Security for Dominion. Mike Lindell gets a big pat on the back for inserting this in the middle of DePerno’s interview. It shows the the senior Dominion executive pitching Chicago Cook County election officials and shows him explaining how his machines can connect to the internet.

1:28:05 to 1:36:18 MATT DEPERNO—DePerno is back on camera with the Dominion manual, which explains in black and white how the workstation is connected with an ethernet cable to the internet. Not his opinion. It is the factual statement of the company that makes and sells the machines.

1:36:19 to 1:49:40 MARY FANNING—This portion of the video should have been dynamite. But instead of properly and concisely presenting the evidence, Mike Lindell and Mary Fanning miss the boat. We see glimpses of a spreadsheet that, we are told, are foreign intrusions into 2995 counties before, during and after November 3, 2020. I believe it. The data we can see does show China as the big culprit. But we only see a fraction of the take and at no time are we informed how this information in Mary Fanning’s hands was collected and stored. I had hoped that Mary would have taken some steps to explain how she and her groups got their hands on this potentially bombshell data.

What I found equally frustrating is Fanning’s lack of curiosity or effort in sorting the data by State and County. This could have been a stunning follow up to the DePerno interview. DePerno’s evidence showing there was a massive movement of improperly counted votes away from Trump going to Biden in Antrim County could have been corroborated by Fanning.  Sadly, that opportunity is ignored in this video. Just a passing reference to Antrim.

The evidence of the theft is out there and it is being put together by a group of top notch attorneys. I just hope that people with deep pockets like Mike Lindell do a better job of putting together the videos that tell this story. Telling it loudly and widely is essential to defeating the Deep State.

Here is a video that does it right (


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