Me Too Fail: Roger Waters Does NOT Believe All Women-Denies Proof of Hamas Use of Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women

Roger Waters joins Piers Morgan to deny the stories of rape victims./Image: Video screenshot.

While speaking with Piers Morgan on Tuesday, former Pink Floyd frontman and rabid anti-Israel activist Roger Waters blamed the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists and the deaths of more than 1,200 Israelis on Israel itself.

During the interview, Waters also made it clear that he does NOT believe all women, especially if they are Jewish, by going a step further and attacking Hamas rape victims directly.

When asked about the extensive proof and testimony of survivors of the rape and sexual abuse they were subject to by their Hamas captor, Waters said, “There was no evidence. You can say anything that you want, but there is no evidence,” and those who claim otherwise are “filthy, disgusting” liars.

According to Waters, Jewish rape victims are filthy, disgusting liars.

Watch: (Waters’ disturbing comments invalidating rape victims begin at 48:50)

Here are some of the things that Waters denies.

Palestinian barbarians kidnapped Shani Louk from a music festival, raped her, broke her legs, murdered her, and then paraded her body through the streets of Gaza as civilians cheered.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the admission of a captured Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist that his team raped Israeli women during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks.

Evidence of the use of rape by Hamas terrorists as a tool of war has been collected by Lahav 433, Israel’s top national police unit.

One massacre survivor testified that she saw another woman being raped in front of her, Arutz Sheva reports. “I knew that he raped her, then they transferred her to someone else. She was alive until, in the end, he shot her,” said the survivor.

In December, The New York Times published a lengthy report after a two-month-long investigation into the sexual violence and brutality Israeli women faced at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

The report culminated from interviews with 150 people, including witnesses, medical personnel, soldiers, and rape counselors.

An extensive report was published by The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (AARCC) detailing the systematic nature of the “sadistic sex crimes” committed by the Hamas.

The document has been translated into English and sent to decision-makers in the United Nations to leave “no room for denial or disregard.”

The report highlights the systematic, premeditated, and deliberate manner of the sexual violence and the use of rape as a tool of war including the gang rape of underaged girls, boys, men, and women.

**Warning graphic and disturbing content.**

Jewish News Syndicate reports:

According to the report, the sexual violence took place everywhere the terrorists invaded, including at the Supernova music festival, kibbutzim, cities, towns and IDF bases. The hostages in Gaza continue to be victimized.

Examples of the sexual crimes committed include violent acts of rape, with weapons pointed at the victims, in some cases aimed at wounded women. Many mass rapes occurred. Often, the rapes were intentionally committed in front of husbands, partners and family members to maximize the pain and helplessness felt and increase the terror.

Hamas terrorists carried out a hunting expedition to catch young men and women who attempted to escape the carnage at the music festival, dragging them by the hair screaming. The sexual violence targeted men, women and girls and included binding their bodies, mutilating genitals and the bodies of both males and females with knives and in some cases inserting weapons inside the genitals.

The victims, in most cases, were executed either during or after the rape.