Biden Ignores Reporters Asking About Democrats “Calling for Harris as The Nominee” After Rambling Philly Events (VIDEO)

Joe Biden ignored the press once again after hitting the campaign trail and making an unannounced stop at a Democrat campaign office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This came after Dementia Joe incoherently rambled while pandering at a black church in Philly and, once again, lied about his activism and involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

Biden later spoke at the campaign office and spoke nonsense and told weird anecdotes to a few people twice inside and outside.

WATCH: “I’m Going to Find Out Whether You Have Any Ice Cream” – Biden Incoherently Rambles Through Speech Outside Campaign Office

As Republicans and Democrats call for the 25th Amendment to be invoked by Biden's cabinet and top Democrats urge Biden to drop out of the race. This is the Democratic Party in 2024: Screw your primary elections.

Republicans should not play into the Democrats' hands and call for his removal under the excuse that he is incompetent just to trade him for the possibly equally as incompetent DEI hire, Kamala Harris. However, if Biden is removed or drops out, paving the way for Kamala Harris to become the nominee, it's a win-win for Republicans, as Kamala Harris and others like California Governor Gavin Newsom actually poll worse than Biden.

The Democrats are toast. They're better off leaving feeble Joe Biden in the race.

After rambling about ice cream and his Raybans, Biden ignored the press as his handlers shuffled him around with the music blasting to drown out questions and sipped his Orange Gatorade:

Biden's team did the same thing last time he was in Philly and cranked the music to avoid questions:

One reporter shouted a question about "Leaders on Jefferies call today calling for Harris as the nominee," a topic that Biden would particularly like to avoid.

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