WATCH: “I’m Going to Find Out Whether You Have Any Ice Cream” – Biden Incoherently Rambles Through Speech Outside Campaign Office

Joe Biden on Sunday rambled through remarks at a Democrat campaign office in Philadelphia after pandering to voters at a black church earlier.

Biden is under fire from his own side as Democrats’ calls for him to drop out of the presidential race increase following his disastrous debate performance and the continued display of his cognitive decline in recent events.

Of course, conservatives will never get credit for saying since 2020 that Joe Biden is not capable of being president, and the White House will never get called out by the leftist media for their recent “deep fake” hoax. It wasn’t until the first 2024 presidential debate, where Biden’s brain completely broke down with millions watching, that they finally realized the jig was up.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Biden looked barely alive at Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ as his handlers for the day preached excuses about his cognitive decline from the pulpit and Biden claimed he grew up in the black church, where he and the Reverend would meet and discuss “what we were going to do to change the situation.”

Of course, this is a lie. It’s Biden’s favorite lie when pandering to black voters. Biden previously admitted he lied about marching in the civil rights movement months after making this false claim in 1987. “I was not an activist… I was not out marching,” Biden said in September 1987. However, he later reverted to making the same claims during his Vice Presidency and while running for President in 2020.

It can also be recalled that Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden was close to KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd and even attended his funeral. And don’t forget about Joe Biden’s famous 1993 speech when he called blacks “predators.”

The Gateway Pundit also reported on the funeral-like atmosphere at the low-energy Democrat campaign office, where Biden told a bizarre story about how he used to visit children at the schoolyard when he was driving by.

Biden Tells Creepy Story About Pulling Over to Talk to Schoolyard Kids During Stop at Democrat Campaign Office in Philly (VIDEO)

Outside of the office, Biden seemingly made up a story about kids approaching him at a parade in Delaware and demanding he explain, "What's all this damn stuff about Pennsylvania?"

He then claimed he ended the pandemic after mandating vaccines, despite more people dying under his administration than Trump's, and blamed corporations for Bidenflation:

Then he rambled about "getting a hell of a lot done for the American people" and lost his train of thought before saying, "Anyway, if I stand here long enough, all those folks in the back are going to die of sunstroke." Surely, the only one people are concerned about collapsing and dying is old Joe.

To close his speech, Biden told the crowd, "Folks, with your permission, I'm going to find out whether you have any ice cream... [incoherent] when you have a President who's known for two things: Rayban sunglasses and chocolate chip ice cream."

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