WATCH: Dementia Joe Biden’s Visit to Black Church In Philly Turns into a Disaster After Bishop Excuses His Cognitive Decline as “Stammering”

Credit: @RNCResearch

Joe Biden attempted to reboot his faltering campaign in Philadelphia on Sunday and unsurprisingly embarrassed himself once again.

As ABC News reported, Dementia Joe visited Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ, a historically black church in northwest Philadelphia and was greeted warmly by the church bishop and the parishioners.

The bishop also attempted to dismiss Biden’s cognitive decline by claiming he has an issue with stammering.

“I don’t know why it is that you want to make an issue of the president and his condition with stammering and not being able, at certain times, to bring forth words,” he claimed.

But Biden quickly proved him wrong when he rose to address the congregation and promptly slurred his words.

“I wanna thank, uhh, thank you uh, for uh, you know, I said, bishop, it’s good to be home,” Biden said.

After gathering his “thoughts,” Biden proceeded to once again repeat his lie about his involvement with the black church during the civil rights movement. As the Gateway Pundit has reported, there is no record of him attending a black church during that time.

The pastor then told the audience (including Biden) to stand together to sing. A befuddled Biden sat frozen for almost half a minute before finally rising to his feet.


Biden then absentmindedly looked around the church for several more seconds while standing with his handlers nowhere in sight.

Biden’s church visit concluded with him getting lost as he left the building.


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