WHAT? Crazy Leftist on MSNBC Claims Trump Tying Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Political Persecution to Biden is “Dangerously and Perniciously Racist” (VIDEO)

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin recently responded to the dismissal of President Trump’s gag order appeal in the “hush money” witch hunt case brought by Alvin Bragg, claiming that Trump tying Biden’s Department of Justice and Matthew Colangelo to Bragg is “dangerously and perniciously racist.”

“He is continuing to push a narrative that, as I’ve written and others have, is extraordinarily dangerous,” the unhinged leftist asserted.

Trump’s claims, according to Rubin, assume that “Alvin Bragg, who is Black, could not have executed this prosecution on his own without the supervision of a bunch of White elders.” This almost describes the notion of “White privilege” and the White savior complex of most leftists…

However, the idea that the Biden DOJ is leading the persecution of Donald Trump assumes nothing about Bragg’s skin color. Matthew Colangelo, the former DOJ Acting Associate Attorney General, took a demotion to work in the Manhattan DA’s office and take down Donald Trump by resurrecting and ensuring Soros-backed Bragg moved forward with a garbage case against President Trump. One would have to be crazy to actually believe there is no influence coming from the Biden regime.

Even Bragg previously ended his investigation and decided not to pursue an indictment until Colangelo showed up!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, a New York Appeals court on Tuesday denied Trump’s bid to appeal a gag order in Alvin Bragg’s case after a jury had already returned a guilty verdict.

Prosecutors are asking for an extension on Trump’s gag order even though the hush money trial has concluded, citing ongoing threats as well as efforts by Trump supporters to “identify jurors and threaten violence against him.”

JUST IN: Alvin Bragg Asks Judge to Extend Unconstitutional Trump Gag Order Even Though Hush Money Trial Is Over, Citing Threats From Trump Supporters

However, this is clearly meant to stop President Trump from winning in the court of public opinion as he awaits sentencing in Bragg's sham case on July 11.

Even former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on Friday that the legal cases against Donald Trump were politically motivated and "would have never been brought" if Trump wasn't running for President.

The admission from Cuomo exposes the Democrats’ relentless pursuit of Trump as nothing more than a political witch hunt. This isn’t surprising given their history of using legal mechanisms to undermine Trump’s presidency and future reelection.

Watch Lisa Rubin's unhinged racism rant on MSNBC's Morning Joe below:

Rubin: Certainly, mica, the reporting has been that he wants to avoid jail at all costs, that he is very much scared of anything approaching incarceration. But from a political perspective, he believes that's political gold for him. If you look at the messaging, both during the trial and thereafter, he is definitely trying to rile up his base with the possibility of some form of term of incarceration. And in terms of how he's talking, he is continuing to push a narrative that, as I've written and others have, is extraordinarily dangerous, tying the current president to the prosecution in Manhattan by somehow alleging that the Biden administration and specifically the Department of Justice was pulling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s strings. How? Through a career civil litigator named Matthew Colangelo, who was part of the DA’s team, but certainly not its head. For a variety of reasons, that narrative makes no sense. It is factually false. And it's also dangerously perniciously racist because it assumes that DA Alvin Bragg, who is Black, could not have executed this prosecution on his own without the supervision of a bunch of white elders.

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