A Quick Look At Some Of Biden’s Lies Since Taking Office

Since President Biden took office just over 18 months ago, he has made several statements that have proven to be blatantly false, misleading the American people for the sake of his agendas. ly the most impactful on Americans are Biden’s continued claims that soaring gas prices are the direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, something the White House callsPutin’s Price Hike.

UPDATE: Biden Accused of Planning a Photo-Op with Hero Border Patrol Agents — Then Insulted Them and Took Back the Invitations

On Sunday, President Biden un-invited dozens of Customs and Border Control Agents and Police Officers involved in last week’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Dozens of Law Enforcement officers from varying agencies who responded to the Uvaldeschool shooting at Robb Elementary Schoollast week received an invitation to meet with President Biden during his Sunday visit to Uvalde.