Gross. Joe Biden Can’t Help Himself – Kisses Young Grandson on the Mouth Following Hunter Conviction (VIDEO)

Credit: CSPAN Screenshot

This will not put an end to the “Creepy Joe” taunts from conservatives.

As the Gateway Pundit reported earlier today, jurors returned a guilty verdict in Hunter Biden’s gun trial after merely three hours of deliberations. He now faces up to 25 years in prison.

His dad, Joe Biden, released a noxious statement afterward slobbering over his son while ignoring his crimes. But he did not stop there.

The Regime leader then dared to deliver a disgusting speech pushing gun control and THREATEN Trump supporters in the process, while rambling about banning “assault weapons.”

But before the speech, Biden went straight to Wilmington Delaware rather than returning to the White House. There, he met Hunter, his wife, and four-year-old son Beau Biden Jr. in his home state for a little reunion.

Things proceeded to get a bit strange. In a video making its way around social media, Joe Biden bears down on his grandchild, whispering something in his ear (or sniffing his hair?).

Then he wraps the child’s head with both hands and kisses him right on the lips.


Look at how shaken the little kid is afterward!

Credit: @Breaking911

Hunter and his wife finally lead a visibly uncomfortable little Beau, Jr. away from his weird grandpa and toward safety.

While some people will dismiss this episode and say this is just his grandchild, we all know how Joe Biden acts in a similar fashion around little kids who he has no relation with.

Of course, we all know how Ashley feels about him.


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