Radical Colorado Democrat REFUSES to Condemn Hamas Murdering Women and Children – Then He Issues a Disturbing Threat to the Journalist Who Confronted Him (VIDEO)


Denver, Colorado – A radical Democratic Representative refused to condemn Hamas murdering women and children during an interview Saturday following the invasion of Israel. The brave journalist who confronted him was then on the receiving end of a disturbing threat.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Hamas has committed multiple horrific atrocities since invading Israel Saturday. These include gunning down peaceful Israelis at a dance party, raping and abducting young Israeli women, and beheading Israeli soldiers. Hamas has even chopped off the heads of little babies and gunned down entire families in their beds.

On Tuesday, a citizen journalist named Russel who goes by @_walruss on X, confronted Colorado Democratic Representative Tim Hernandez for his refusal to condemn these sick war crimes. At the time, Hernandez was attending a pro-Hamas rally in Denver.

As one can see below, Hernandez responded by smiling and acting dismissively.


Journalist: I think it’s despicable what they’re protesting for.

Hernandez (sarcastically): Congratulations.

Journalist: And the fact that you can’t condemn women and children and elderly people being murdered in the streets.

Hernandez: What about it?

Journalist: Do you condemn it?

Hernandez: I already said…

Journalist: Why can’t you say yes?

Hernandez (smiling): Because I already gave you my answer.

Journalist: You didn’t give an answer and everyone who watches who understand…

Hernandez: All three people who are going to watch your bulls*t video, Russell?

It turns out over 5 million people have seen this video at last check.

The news gets worse, however. As Gateway Pundit readers know, questioning the left has its share of consequences.

Hernandez later issued a disturbing threat to the brave journalist who dared to question him regarding Hamas’ sick war crimes.

After the video per Russ, Hernandez threatened him: “Do you know what happens to people who mess with me? You don’t want to mess with me. I’m a gangster.”

While some may dismiss this as hot air, gangsters usually solve their problems with violence, sometimes with gunshots. Was Hernandez threatening to assault Russell for daring to question him for not condemning Hamas?

This is not the first time a far-left Democrat has refused to condemn Hamas war crimes. As TGP’s Jim Hoft previously reported, FOX News reporter Hillary Vaughn confronted Rashida Tlaib Tuesday evening and asked her if she would comment on Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads.

Rashida would not answer.


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