JUSTIFIED? Clerks Savagely PUNISH Criminal ROBBING Their Store | Elijah Schaffer’s Top Picks (VIDEO)

In light of rising crime and the lack of punishment for thieves due to Democrat criminal justice reforms, it’s incredibly satisfying to see a robber’s bad behavior finally catch up to him. These 7-11 clerks were having none of it and their swift decision to lay down the letter of the law was nothing less than commendable. Do you agree with their quick witted actions to stop the thief in his tracks? Let me know in the comments below.

In serious news, it was proven under sworn testimony by Devon Archer that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s (Hunter) money laundering schemes to the tune of $40 million, which was given to him by a Russian oligarch. But how did we get this insane testimony on record? Wouldn’t Devon be afraid of being punished for admitting his crimes in front of a judge? Well, it turns out the DOJ gave Devon, one of Biden’s criminal accomplices, full immunity before he testified. How do they keep getting away with it?

In funnier news, Reverend Al Sharpton attempted to take a jab at Trump over the Capitol riot by questioning whether the founding fathers of America would overthrow a government? This isn’t a joke. He genuinely didn’t know this country was founded on revolution. The video is too funny not to share.

Lastly, we find out details regarding Disney’s discriminatory hiring practices that left conservatives fighting for scraps. Surprised? Probably not. But I want to know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section as they are very valuable and add to the stories in ways that only you can do.


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